Say It With Your Hands

Or With Them Hands

When asked most people would say, speech is the most valued method of communication. Unless you are June & Jennifer Gibbons, & you have taken some oath of silence. You probably prefer to use your vocal chords, tongue & lips to pronounce various words & communicate a variety of ideas.

It is quite fascinating how regardless of what language or alphabet one is familiar with, letters & words can be arranged or rearranged to communicate various ideas & concepts. Speech. 

So What Happens If You Struggle or Just Simply Couldn’t Communicate Through Oral Language?

Well if you are Roy Allela you do something about it.


Roy himself isn’t speech impaired but his your young niece is.

& When your niece asks you what you do for a living?




if you’re Roy Allela you tell her you invented a set of gloves just to communicate your job description to her.





“My niece wears the gloves, pairs them with her phone or mine, then starts signing. I’m able to understand what she’s saying,” – Roy Allela

Intel program manager & Software engineer; Roy Allela, & now founder & lead Engineer of Sign-IO, is passionate about fixing this communication barrier.

With more than 30 million people worldwide relying on sign language, Roy Allela‘s invention also combats ableism. Which is the discrimination if favor of “able”- bodied people. 

So Let’s Get Down To It.

Sign-IO is intended for communication.

If you struggle with oral language & hearing but are fluent in sign language, the glove will recognise your various signed gestures. Translating them directly to audio or text through an app. With 93% accuracy the app also allows the users to set the language, gender, & pitch of the audio voice.

& the magic is all in the code.

Check out Roy‘s Technical Blog Post!

sign language glove is an electronic device which converts the complex motions of  sign language into written or spoken words.

& we mention how pleasing they are to look at? Come on Afrofuturism

“It fights the stigma associated with being deaf and having a speech impediment. If the gloves look cool, every kid will want to know why you are wearing them,”

-Roy Allela

Allela is an innovator with a empathic take on life. He believes in equality, making this evident by the time & resources he has invested in order to create a solution to a language barrier that plagues many.

He asks questions the necessary & appropriate questions like,“how would my niece’s life be if she had the same opportunities as everyone else in education, employment — all aspects of life?.”

However he also took it a step further & became a huge part of the solution. If you don’t like something do something about it. 

“The general public in Kenya doesn’t understand sign language, so when she goes out, she always needs a translator. Imagine that dependency over the long term; how much that plagues or impairs her progress in life. When it affects you personally, you see how hard people have it in life. That’s why I’ve really strived to develop this project to completion.”

Pan-African Inventor & Innovator Roy Allela

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