Patrice Émery Lumumba (1925 -1961)



Patrice Lumumba was born in a placed called; Onalua a small village in northeastern Kinase.
In 1954; He worked as a postal clerk in Stanleyville-now Kinsangani- where he stayed for 11yrs, sprouting his social/political involvement.

He became a community leader, organizing a postal workers’ labor union. Patrice Lumumba was fluent in 5 languages & these included Tetela-his mother tongue, Swahili & French.In 1957 a better job opportunity presented itself; offering Lumumba a position as sales director for a brewery. & He took it! Moving to what was then known as Léopoldville. There he helped found the Mouvement National Congolais (MNC) in 1958. MNC was a political party aimed at nationalism, representing the interest of all Congolese people, regardless of ethnicity or region. Lumumba was for the people.
In a 1959 political meeting dubbed “the Luluabourg Congress” Lumumba’s charisma & compelling personality set the tone. In the conclusion of the meeting; all political groups agreed to have a united front for one Congo.
However some MNC leaders didn’t like the sound of this.
On November, 1959 Lumumba was arrested & imprisoned on charges of encouraging the outbreak of riot. He was later released. On June 30, 1960, after the Congo’s first free elections; reluctantly, Patrice Lumumba was appointed as the first Prime Minster of now; the Democratic Republic of Congo.
You see the Belgian government had only planned on symbolically handing over power. The Congo is so rich & bountiful with natural resources, there was no way they were actually taking their grubby hands off of it. But they didn’t predict Lumumba & now they had a problem on their hands. They deemed Patrice a radical due to his anti-imperialism views & Pan-africanism ideals, so they slowly began to plot his demise. Albeit only a short run in office, Lumumba had an usual amount of sudden emergencies. These included a revolt from the army & the succession of the provinces of Katanga & Southern Kasai. Kantanga was also home to majority of the Congo’s natural resources & the Belgian army invaded this territory in support of the succession. After corresponding with various African leaders, the UN & the US through the Secretary of State for support & to no avail; Patrice Lumumba decided to turn to the U.S.S.R
In September 1960 he was dismissed from office by long rival & President; Kasavubu.
The National Assembly reinstated him back to power. However a small group led by the army took over the government again, placing him under house arrest. Lumumba received word of his supporters organizing a rival government & in an attempt to meet with them, he was captured by the army & detained in a military camp.
Although imprisoned, his reach & influence remained. Patrice Lumumba almost convinced military jailers to help him retake power. In 1961 Lumumba was flown to Elizabethville, the capital of Katanga. In the presence of the UN he was picked up by Katanga’s interior minister & white mercenaries, after which Patrice & his associates were murdered today; January 17th by a firing squad in the presence of 4 Belgian officers. In an attempt to hide the evidence; their bodies were dissolved in sulfuric acid with the bones ground & buried. In 2013 the U.S state department admitted then President Eisenhower authorized the murder of the young leader, later retracting their statement admitting only CIA involvement.

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