3 Youtube Webseries Rabbitholes to Dive Into; Free Tv

Tough Love


This 3 time Emmy-nominated web series follows the lives of Alicia, Quicy, Monica, Jordan & Jackson. 6 friends in their 20s; trying to figure out the career-love-live-balance all while living in New York City. The cheating, lies, scandal & therapy included.

Tough Love is particularly engrossing due to the style in which it portrays different dynamics of Black love within relationships without exploitation. It also helps that the cast is super relatable. The friends are in different stages of their careers, from some being unemployed, gainfully employed to self employment; legally or otherwise. You’ll someone identify with & the actors are phenomenal. Which is hard to find in a relatively low-budget webseries.

Rumour has it that Tough Love has been picked up to cable.

Catch up on all the episodes here.

Watch Episode 1 down below:

Skinny Girl In Transit


This comedy mini webseries is produced by Ndani TV.  It follows the life of young Tiwalade in Lagos, Nigeria. She is on a dire mission against her mystical & societally placed “biological clock” to shed some pounds, & bag her Mr. Right. With the added pressure from her naturally persistent-overly-religious-quick-witted-Nigerian mom. Skinny Girl in Transit follows Tiwa as she explores her love life showing relationships with her friends & family along the ride as well.

Catch up on all episodes Skinny Girl In Transit here.

Watch Episode 1 down here:



Produced by MTV & also known as MTV Shuga. Shuga follows the lives of young African students as they navigate society. Something compelling about Shuga is the constant changing set locations to different countries in Africa per season. This way, viewers really get to learn something new, observe many similarities & a few differences amongst our African-Negro-Black culture.

The first season, shot in Kenya, starred now Hollywood superstar; Lupita Nyong’o. Shuga was created not only to entertain but also inform the youth & so they touch on a whole bunch of issues happening to our youth.  This includes sexual abuse, HIV, transactional sex, homosexuality & a whole bunch of other “salacious” topics to the ears of the average feigning holier-than-thou African.

Catch up on MTV Shuga here.

Watch episode 1 here:

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