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Gabon has shutdown its border crossings with Cameroon after an attempted coup d’etat on January 7th, 2019.

  • On Monday, Soldiers stormed the country’s national radio station, seizing power & announcing the establishment of a “restoration council” in the oil-rich country. The public was being asked to rise up ! Against the Gabonese President-Dictator; Ali Bongo Ondimba.
  • Lieutenant Kelly Ondo Obiang, backed by two soldiers standing behind him; assault rifles in hand, appeared on national television informing the public that the coup attempt was by a group called the Patriotic Movement of the Defence and Security Forces of Gabon.
  • Gabonese Authorities claim to have restored order; arraigning 8 of the remaining coup plotters –with 2 dying at the arms of government officials– gaining back control of the radio station. & releasing hostages.
  • In a statement made from the country’s Security Minister; Guy Bertrand Mapangou assured the Gabonese people the hostages had all been free & culprits handed over to the public sector for due process.
  • On Tuesday the Gabonese government shutdown all broadcasting & internet services.
  • On Wednesday, Libreville, the capital, was silent. While President-Dictator; Ali Bongo Ondimba is still missing in action.

Gabonese President; Ali Bongo Ondimba rose to power in 2009, after the death of his late father –& former President Dictator; El Hadj Omar Bongo Ondimba– who previously ruled for 42 years.


President Bongo has been out of the country since last year October.

He suffered a stroke while in attendance for a summit in Saudi Arabia.

Many Gabonese people think “he lacks the communication skill” of his father. As President Ali Bongo; who went abroad to pursue a Western education, barely speaks a lick of the ethic languages in Gabon.

All goods & passengers returning to Gabon, are now stranded in; Kissosi, the border town of Cameroon.

south african flagSouth Africa

Meet Sibahle Zwane;

the 10-year-old South African Math genius.


  • He blew up on the scene when he was filmed by a local South African Police Officer solving sums on the spot off the top of his head.
  • Sibahle Zwane works faster than your average calculator with what seems like zero mental effort.
  •  He is black excellence.

Meanwhile on;

Why do white people hate black people –including children– news?

But furthermore in other extreme & dangerous toxic masculinity news;

the Democratic Republic of the Congo.DR Congo

Hiccups in the Democratic process in The Democratic Republic of The Congo. 

After waiting over years for a delayed election, citizens voted on December 30, 2018 finally for a new President. Here’s the “problem” another candidate & member of the opposition; Martin Fayulu, is appealing the result, claiming he in fact won. & with 62% of the vote at that. 

We have been keeping an eye on the road to DR Congo’s Presidential Election 2016, 2017, 2018. & many things do not sit right with our spirit.

You tell us if this raises any eyebrows. 


President-Dictator; Joseph Kabila, who has been in office since 2001, was finally forced to hand over control. Kabila had already taken precautions to hand select a successor by the name of  Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary. A man who is currently on a EU  sanctions list  for violence against social activists. 

To counter this house of cards move, 7 individual candidates of whom where respectively a part of the “opposition” met at the Kofi Annan Foundation in Geneva. Felix Tshisekedi –current election winner– was also in attendance.

The conclusion at the Geneva rondevu –which know to some as the Lamuka Coalition– was that Martin Fayulu, be the sole candidate backed to oppose Shady Shadary.  

  • Days after, Felix Tshisekedi & Vital Kamerhe,  pulled out of coalition.
  • Fayulu’s camp accused Tshisekedi of making deals with Joseph Kabila to secure the election. Fayulu’s is quoted saying, “You can’t manufacture results behind closed doors,”.
  • Tshisekedi’s political career is built on exclaiming “I will not sit in the institutions from fraudulent elections,” then quitting political office.
  • Making such a move so early in his career set a precedent that has led him to become a decision maker in the Union for Democracy & Social Progress; The DRC’s oldest & largest political party.

However to be fair, Fayulu & the Commitment to Citizenship and Development Party aren’t the only ones disputing the election results. The Catholic Church has also rejected the official result, basing the on data off of its 40,000 strong observation mission

“The results published do not match the data collected by our own observation mission.” –Marcel Utembi National Episcopal Conference of Congo

Judges are to meet this upcoming week to review evidence claiming Faylu’s victory & the judges conclude that there is infact a case of dispute; proceedings will continue. If otherwise Felix Tshisekedi will be sworn in on January 18, 2019, putting an end to President-Dictator Joseph Kabila’s 17 year reign

FlagUnitedStatesThe U.S

The US just broke another record!!!


…On the hunt for the wall.

This now 22 day long government shutdown breaks a record in US history.

As reported in Last week’s In Color;

The American President Donald Trump is still standing his ground & is unwavering in his demand for the funding of the $5.7bn wall.

  • Roughly 800,000 Federal workers were without a paycheck as of Friday.
  • TSA is heavily affected as workers call in sick. Miami international airport in Florida has announced it will be closing down one of its terminals over the next several days due to a possible shortage of security screeners.
  • It has also been reported that some members of Congress decided to give up their paychecks.

Our 2 cents?

If security was the American President’s priority this does seems like an awfully counterproductive way to go about.


Meet Hollywood’s youngest ever executive producer;


Marsai Martain.

This 14 year-old actress is set to star in the spring comedy Little that she also produced.

  • Little is about a no-nonsense tech entrepreneur who wakes up only to discover that a random act of black girl magic has transformed her into the 13-year-old version of herself.
  • Marsai is said to have dreamt the whole thing up! Then of which she pitched with fellow writer Tracy Y. Oliver at age 11.

Watch the trailer below:

It doesn’t matter if you are four or 84, there’s no limit to what you can do,” Marsai told The Root.

Flag of SudanSudan


As reported in last Week‘s In Color;

protests continue to ensue in Sudan as President- Dictator; Omar al-Bashir refuses to step down, saying; the only way to “grab power” is in the 2020 Sudanese Presidential election.

  • Nationwide protests have been taking place with crowds –fed up of the Sudanese President’s 29 year rule– chanting “Freedom, Peace, Justice” as they walked though in the capital Khartoum & its twin city Omdurman.
  • Eye witnesses say they were quickly confronted with tear gas.
  • Authorities say there was a recorded death toll of 22 civilians however the Human Right’s Watch gave a number of 40. This included children & medical personnel.

President-Dictator still insists that most of Sudan’s problems are a direct implication of Western influence.

  • He blames Washington for Sudan’s economic crisis; due to a 1997 trading embargo placed on Khartoum. It was recently lifted in October 2017.


Those who tried to destroy Sudan… put conditions on us to solve our problems, I tell them that our dignity is more than the price of dollars,” al-Bashir said.

  • There is also huge shortage in foreign currency, repeated shortages in food & fuel, with the price of food & medicine more than doubling.
  • Human rights groups also report more than a 1,000 people being arrested since the protests began this includes opposition leaders, activists & journalists as well as demonstrators.

Flag NigeriaNigeria

The regional editor of the popular Nigerian news outlet; the Daily Trust was arrested on Sunday in Maiduguri, Borno State.

  • The Nigerian army raided the news media company & then detained Uthman Abubakar; the regional editor, alongside Ibrahim Sawab. Who is also a Daily Trust reporter.
  • At 10pm on Sunday Mr. Ibrahim Sawab was released & he confirmed Mr. Uthman Abubakar was still in police custody.
  • The Nigerian military shut down Daily Trust branch offices across the country; in Maiduguri, Abuja & Lagos.
  • After nationwide backlash, President Muhammadu Buhari ordered the military to retreat & vacate the newspaper’s premises.
  • Mr Usman, a Brigadier General & the Director of Army Public Relations claims this just ordinary regular military protocol as the Daily Trust

divulged classified military information, thus undermining national security”.

Let the politricking commence;


Nigerian Senator; Dino Melaye continues to constitute a nuisance of himself as he forcefully decides to spend the night outside a medical facility on a sleeping bag.

  • After this, he insisted on spending the night outside, on the floor, with the extremely friendly & enthusiastic mosquitoes. 

But don’t fret for the dear Senator; who represents Kogi West in the upper legislative chamber.

As he doesn’t have a shortage of supporters & powerful colleagues who presume all this to be a political witch hunt. Like fellow People’s Democratic Party (PDP) party members; Senator Ben Murray-Bruce  & current Senate President; Bukola Saraki.

Speaking of a witch hunt;

The Code of conduct Bureau(CCB) has filed charges against Justice Walter Samuel Nkanu Onnoghen at the Code of Conduct Tribunal.


  • Justice Walter Samuel Nkanu Onnoghen is the current Chief Justice of Nigeria.
  • According to Sahara reporters the 6-count corruption related charges brought up against him were on account of a fraudulent declaration of assets when he assumed position in office on March 6, 2017.
  • The trail date is set for Monday; January 14th, 2009. The is Justice set to stand in front of a jury of his peers, in a 3 man panel, led by Justice Dandladi Y. Umar; at a Federal High Court in Abuja.
  • The 6-count document was dated in January 10th, 2019 & signed the next consecutive day.


by all means,

lock the man up & throw away the key if he broke the law.

However considering all the corruption & atrocities happening in the current President Buhari’s administration, it’s hard to prevent the rumblings of abuse of power to avoid bubbling to the surface.

All we want to know is;

would the Nigerian President also persecute members of his party that have been accused & caught on tape breaking the law through various corrupt means like receiving/accepting bribes?

Also, when is anything ever this speedy in Nigeria’s government?

We don’t know, you tell us.


in other problematic news & an example of a textbook we should never educate our children with;

Flag RwandaRwanda

Here’s to Rwanda doing the work!


The Rwandese government enforces ban on Skin-Whitening creams, combing through the eery shadows of Colonization & Colorism one necessary law at a time.

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