Tech Talk: Mike “I bring the light” Bellot


Mike Bellot.

Mike Bellot is what we like to call a Cultural Entrepreneur. Someone who crafts innovative solutions to the problems faced by individuals living within the diaspora.

Cultural Entrepreneur: One who crafts innovative solutions for the Culture.

So back to Bellot’s technology,

let’s talk about it;


First we have the Solo Bag. No ordinary backpack; Bellot, designed it after losing a cousin to a fire accident started by candle. Upon further investigation the reason for the  perpetuating lit candle was revealed; a late night study session.

You see Mike Bellot‘s cousin was studying to be a doctor & in an attempt to catch some extra study time for a daunting test;

he lit a candle.

“My cousin fell asleep in his room as he was studying using candle lights. The room caught fire and he was unable to escape.” -Mike Bellot

Solo Bag is designed to make sure this type of tragedy never repeats itself ever again.

It boasts an integrated LED light rendering the hazardous physically lit candle study sessions archaic & a thing of the past.

A GPS tracker keeps track of your valuables, but it also includes a USB port for charging smartphones & small devices. Lest we forgot to mention the Solo Bag is completely  powered via solar modules. Making this a solution or product that also takes into account the environmental factors of the disapora’s location.

We cannot wait for the adoption of this technology & –continued- worldwide growth.

But there’s more;

Mike Bellot really lives the cultural entrepreneur lifestyle. After surviving the 2010 earthquake in January with no physical University to return too, Bellot headed towards Taiwan. There he earned a scholarship from Tamkang University, obtaining a Bachelors & Masters Degrees in International Trade and Global Political Economy.

Not once though did Bellot disassociate from the needs & issues of those facing his people back home.

& then enter’s Mike Bellot‘s next solution:

Ancora BoxFarm.

Ancora BoxFarm is a mobile Aquaponic farm.

It’s mobile. Meaning crops can “get up and move” to avoid an incoming tropical storm.

Another perfect example of an entrepreneur –Mike Bellot– assessing the needs of a group, then tailoring a custom fit solution. Bellot & his team have designed, developed, & iterated a portable farm that conveniently sits inside a 40 foot shipping container.

The setup is solar powered & self sustaining. Special bulbs are used to mimic the sun aiding plant photosynthesis & growth.

Furthermore; Ancora Boxfarm is also climate controlled. So it allows plants perfect growing conditions regardless of exterior weather. The fish raised in tanks opposite to the plants allows nutrient rich water to aid in the organic grow operation.


With millions of unused shipping containers resting at ports worldwide –we think- growing food, & raising fish; 1, 2, or a few hundred, is a pretty good idea. However making the technology & the methodology readily available to those who live in areas often affected by natural disasters? A life altering game changer.

In the past, natural disasters like; Hurricane Matthew in 2016, which resulted to an estimated $100 million worth of lost crops affecting all the harvests in Haiti.

Now, we can dream of a day when every family is able to visit their local or personal Ancora Box at their own convenience for fresh produce.

Mike Ballot is improving the quality of life & access to food all across Haiti by utilizing technology. He is an inspiration to take initiative & control. Crafting solutions to the problems that we face in our Negro communities.

Be inspired. 


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