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Happy belated independence  –birthday– day to the first free black colony; Haiti !!!


In Haitian diaspora news;on Monday, January 7th, at the Eastern District  New York Federal Courthouse located in downtown Brooklyn, a demonstration is to be held at 9:00 am, followed by a lawsuit at 9:30 am to protecting Haitian immigrants in the United States. 

  • This rally is being held to prevent the deportation of  ~50,000 immigrants from the Caribbean Islands.
  • The demonstration is fighting for the rights of Haitian immigrant protection under Temporary Protected Status (TPS).
  • TPS is a legal designation that allows the people from war-torn countries or countries riddled with natural disasters to seek refugee in the “great” United States.
  • Amidst the American President’s sentiments towards people of color from “shithole countries” the termination of Temporary Protected Status is about to ensue. 
  • The Saget et al v. Trump case is the first trial to challenge the government’s unlawful termination of TPS.

It’s no secret that mother nature has been less than kind to Haiti. With a record-breaking number of earthquakes, hurricanes & a cholera outbreak.

The U.S invests so much money into advertising the “American Dream” however, are only a certain group –hue– of people allowed this day-dream? 

What’s even more interesting; is the push back towards immigration for a country where the majority of their population is in fact constituted of mostly immigrants; although caucausian.  

So is race in play?


when was it ever not? In the US.

south african flagSouth Africa

On Wednesday, South African activists marched to the Union Buildings located in Pretoria, Johannesburg. to protest the incarceration of their fellow #FeeMustFall activists & urging their immediate release.

  • the #FeeMustFall movement/protest sprung in 2017. When a group of tired students had had enough.
  • #FeeMustFall not only addresses the unaffordable tuition but also a plethora of issues that affect the South African youth like unemployment.
  • The march led by Bonginkosi Khanyile was in solidarity for the release of Kanye Cekeshe ; a fellow activist, who is currently serving time for his protests in Wits University. 
  • Bonginkosi himself is also facing jail time on bogus charges; like public violence & failing to comply with the police.


Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mwangagwa signs the Presidential Clean-up Day declaration bill in the country’s capital.


 img_5297encouraging stakeholders to commit some staff that would participate in the exercise





The Federal Attorney General of Ethiopia –who seems to be staying purposefully anonymousissues arrest warrants for about 28 individuals suspected to be behind the deadly incident rocking Burayu town that targeted ethnic minorities.

  • On September 2018; 23 civilians lost their lives due to the violent riot & the deadly attacks. 
  • Thousands of people fled the scene, taking refugee in schools & other public government facilities in Addias Ababa; the country’s capital. 
  • The attacks increased tensions & clashes between members of the two predominant ethnic groups in Southern Ethiopia; the Sidamas & the Wolaita.

the Democratic Republic of the Congo.DR Congo

Despite harsh weather conditions from torrential rains in the DR’s capital. Congolese people brave the rain & chaos to cast their ballots at a polling stationOn December 30, 2018 the –3 year delayed– Presidential election was finally allowed to ensue & mother nature wasn’t the only manipulationing factor.

  • The polls intially set to be open at 5am was delayed until 10 due to claims of “broken voting machines“. Some people had to travel at distance of 25 km just to cast their votes because their name had been transferred to another polling station without any previous warning.
  • Meanwhile, a government issued internet shutdown is still on going as the President-dictator & ruling Congolese party insists it for the people’s own benefit to “prevent disorder“.

The Congolese electoral commission have announced that the election results “may be delayed” as ballots tickle in & tensions tighten over the vote count.



FlagUnitedStatesThe U.S

The US congress makes history with a couple “firsts” & a diverse number of women finally taking position in  office. Here’s to diversifying our government & making sure it is representative of the people in the real world.

Ilhan Omar wins Minnesota’s Democratic US House primary.


Some other “firsts” include Ayanna Pressley & Jahanna Hayes.

Jahanna Hayes is the first elected black congresswoman in Connecticut.

& Ayanna Pressley is the first black woman to hold a seat in congress for the state of Massachusetts.


  • The new U.S legistrators were sworn in on Thursday. With a record-breaking number of 102 women occupying seats in office.
  • Deb Haaland & Sharice Davids were the first Native American women ever to be elected to congress.

In America???




help us,

make it,

make sense.

Representation matters.


On this season (week) on politricks & clownery:

President Donald Trump seems to be doubling down on his pursuit of the wall

A meeting held on Friday between the American Republican president & some newly empowered Democrats shows that there seems to be a disconnect between the Republicans & the Democrats about what really transpired in the meetings minutes.

(Again we ask; why does America only have a two-party system? there is nooo way that is nearly enough representation but. Okay back to it) :

Chuck Schumer; a Democratic Senator, says the meeting was contentious & President Trump stated “The shutdown could go on for months or years”

President Donald Trump in a press statement is on the record saying


“We had a very, very productive meeting and I think we’ve come a long way”

he went even further to include

“We’re all on the same path in terms of wanting to get government open.” 

When asked by reporters if Senator Chuck Schumers conflicting statement describing the series of events at the meeting were in fact true? The American President is quoted saying:

“Absolutely I said that,”


As for the Federal employees whose paycheck will be affected by the government shutdown?

President Donald Trump is encouraging their landlords “to be nice and easy

Flag of SudanSudan

Protests ensue throughout the nation as an opposing party demands the resignation of President-Dictator Omar al-Bashir.


  • The violent street protests; initially sparked by price spikes in goods & services, plus fuel scarcity, is said to have been on going for 2 weeks. The exact death toll remains unknown.
  • Authorities have placed a cap on daily bank withdrawals, Atm lines are excruciatingly long & Sudanese people are frankly fed up.
  • The Sudanese President tried to appease the people by offering an increase in wages hoping to quell the ongoing demonstrations.
  • It hasn’t seemed to work. As of Thursday 4 different opposition groups released a joint statement, calling for a nationwide protest on Friday.
  • A march is also to be taken place on Sunday at President-Dicatator Omar al-Bashir’s Nile-side palace.

The Sudanese President blames Sudan’s conditions on wars & international economic sanctions.

  • President” Omar al-Bashir has been in seat since October 16, 1993 when he started his “Presidential” term.


Ghana is fast becoming the new end of the year diaspora meet up location. & we have to say, we are not in the least mad at it.

  • Ghana’s new government is focused on establishing relationships with the diaspora community. This is in line with the Year of Return 2019 programme launched by the government welcoming African Americans & the black diaspora back to their home land.


We love it when the blacks link up.


Flag NigeriaNigeria

On Monday; December 31, 2018 collaborative efforts between Nigerian & Nigerien ensued as troops risked their lives to protect the people of West Africa.

  • It’s no secret that the Nigerian army is under-equipped. On Monday Nigerian troops launched an offensive attack trying to claim back a strategic town in Borno –located in the North eastern part of Nigeria– that had been overpowered by Boko Haram a known terrorist group.
  • The Nigerian military claims to have overthrown the terrorist group out of Baga, however eye witnesses & the scrambling residents refute this.
  • The unrest has spilled to neighboring countries like Chad, Niger & Cameroon.

After 4 separate attempts to arraign Senator Dino Melaye, he finally turns himself into the custody of police.

  • Senator Dino Melaye has been charged with numerous crimes. From perjury, culpable homicide to criminal conspiracy.


  • Senator Dino Melaye alleges that Ibrahim Idris;the Inspector General of Police is conspiring to inject him with a poisonous substance.
  • Senator Dino Melaye is still currently in the custody of the police.

…For now.


Despite the gloomy political environment & harsh –to say the least– economic realities in Nigeria, the vibrant people remain upbeat with an almost unrealistic optimistic out look on life.

Below is an insight in culture;

Nigeria’s annual Calabar Carnival is a  huge tourist attraction. It brings the nation together as Nigerians from various ethnic groups & walks of life congregate together celebrating life.

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