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Flag NigeriaNigeria

The Nigerian Army has been exposed

  • Video evidence from The New York Times, shows the special Presidential task brigade; specifically the 7th Battalion, gunning down peaceful protestors with battlezone weapons. 
  • This special task brigade takes commands from General Umar Musa; the Guards Brigade commander, with only one man –Abayomi Olonisakin the Chief of Defense staff–  between him & the Nigerian President in the chain of command. 
  • This behavior isn’t unusual for the Nigerian military because, in 2015, 300 members of the same protesting group –the shiite muslims– were killed, bodies dumped into a mass grave. No repercussions came to the military from this. 
  • The Nigerian military recorded a death toll of only 3 people. Video evidence proves otherwise. With a total of 49 bodies collected after 4 days of protest.
  • The military quoted the American President; Donald Trump. Claiming to be “provoked” because the protestors threw rocks at the military. Video evidence again proves otherwise.
  • It was an unprovoked attack by the Nigerian military task force killing innocent people. 

The state of the nation proceeds to look even more gloomy with the release of new stats on unemployment & literacy rates.


The Nigerian government has truly failed to live up to the “Giants of Africa” title.


FlagUnitedStatesThe U.S

On today’s News Edition of outrageous things happening to black people in the US. On Wednesday December 18, 2018 America just found the decency to make lynching a federal crime

  • The Justice of Victims of Lynching Act of 2018  will for the first time explicitly make lynching a federal crime.
  • The senate voted unanimously
  • According to The New York Times; congress has failed over 200 times –since 1882– trying to pass similar anti lynching legislation.

A win…

we guess.

Although we do wonder,

what took the U.S so long?…Racism ?


Another white guilt win!

The American President; Donald Trump, signs Criminal Justice Reform Bill

The American President described the bill as “an incredible success for our country” & “beyond bipartisan

  • Also known as the First Step Act the legislation will give judges more discretion when sentencing some drug offenders & will also boost prisoner rehabilitation efforts. 
  • During the Senate debate of this bill, Senator Dick Durbin made mention that the US had 5% of the world population but a whooping 25% of the world’s known prison population.

The majority of illegal drug users and dealers in America are white. But three-quarters of the people serving time in prison for drug offences are African-American or Latino,” Durbin said.

More on the continued dragged out racism lite, aka “Tone Deafness”, in the United States.

A high school wrestler; Andrew Johnson was forced to cut off his locs by racist referee; Alan Mahoney. Or forfeit the match making his team lose.

  • Andrew Johnson STILL won the match. But we cannot ignore the psychological abuse black people continue to endure everyday living in the US. & why are white people sooo afraid of black hair? 


Below is a comprehensive list of all the people who have resigned or been fired under President Donald Trump’s administration.


Despite all of Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta efforts, 

Listen to them down below:

south african flagSouth Africa

South African authorities have issued out an arrest warrant for Grace Mugabe over the alleged assault of a South African model in August 2017grace mugabe

  • Grace Mugabe is the wife of deposed Zimbabwean President –Dictator Robert Mugabe. The alleged assault took place in Johannesburg. 
  • Brigadier Vishnu Naidoo a South African Police Services spokesperson confirmed the warrant on CNN saying;

“I can confirm that a warrant for the arrest of Grace Mugabe was issued last Thursday,”

  • However people are skeptical if the Zimbabwean government would actually arrest the former first lady. 
  • Paul Nyathi a spokesperson from the Zimbabwean police spoke to CNN saying;

“We are not yet aware of the warrant,” &”We will see when we cross that bridge.”


South Africa host’s Africa’s first marijuana exposition.

  • The event took place in Pretoria; South Africa’s administrative capital. 
  • Dozens of businesses were said to be in attendance for what they are calling the continent’s first ever cannabis exposition.

Considering how the blacks are being treated in an African country; South Africa.

Which is in Africa…… we can see why they would be the first African country to adopt & embrace the herb. 


Three years after an explosive documentary from an investigative journalist exposed all the corruption & bribery occuring in Ghana’s judiciary system, the Ghanaian President; Nana Akufo-Addo has finally sacked three high court judges involved in the scandal

…others took goats.


  • People are wondering what took the President so long;the judges were still getting their full pay even 3 years after the scandal. 
  • The Judges themselves have expressed their disappointment in President Akufo-Addo’s decision & they –had the audacity to– file(d) a lawsuit at the Ecowas court, challenging their suspension. 

A shameless mess!

A very shameless mess.

the Democratic Republic of the Congo.DR Congo

Large protests break throughout the Democratic Republic of Congo after elections are postponed or “delayed” again.

  • The Presidential election was scheduled to take place on the 23rd of December. It has been pushed back to the 30th
  • Opposition leaders are begging people to show restraint. Félix Tshisekedi –one of the main opposition presidential candidates– called for a day of calm after the electoral commission delayed the polls for a week.
  • Many people in Kinshasa –the capital– wonder if the election would actually ever even take place, as it’s already has been delayed for 2 years!

Weird behavior for a country who supposedly feels sooo strongly about democracy , that it even has it in the country’s name. 

The “Democratic” Republic of Congo. 


Flag of SudanSudan

Pandemonium breaks out in Sudan as the people protest worsening conditions in the country due to high inflation & a steady increase in the cost of living.

  • When South Sudan seceded in 2011, Sudan lost most of its oil revenue.
  • Inflation has skyrocketed more than doubling the price of products & produce, while the value of the Sudanese Pound continues to take a nosedive.
  • Protests have worsened since Wednesday. Even spilling into the country’s capital of Khartoum.
  • The Sudanese government under Omar al-Bashir’s rule reacted to this by imposing curfews & declaring a state of emergency.


Flag SenegalSenegal

Surgeons successfully separate siamese sisters in Dakar, Senegal.


  • The sisters were born linked by the liver in Pikine hospital located in the Eastern suburbs of Dakar.
  • Sophie & Adja were separated successfully in Albert Royer hospital just 48 days after their birth.

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