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Meet Little Simz

& she is “picasso with the pen”.  Real name; Simbiatu Ajikawo, this british born Nigerian wordsmith is self confident in her craft. Makes sense though because she’s been delivering since she stepped on the scene. & no don’t box her in because she’s not a grime artist.img_5009Dubbed on of the “illest doing it” at age 21  by our very own K-dot! Little Simz now 24 has spent time perfecting her craft. This rap poet actually wrote her first song at age 9, by age 14 she knew she was onto something special.Little Simz released her first project titled “The Princess of Rap” at the age of 15, now she’s here for the throne.Other than her pen, yet another seemly unmatched skill this Rap god has mastered is a crazy work ethic.9 projects/Mixtapes & 2 albums later, Little Simz has truly arrived, so to tell a friend to tell a friend.Little Simz flows so smooth & sick to “unconventional” beats, snarling hard rhymes that would make even  Jay do the stank nasty face.In her song Offence – Little Simz she spits” I’m Jay-z on my best dayyyy, Shakespeare in my worse Little Simz really hopped on our radar when we watched her deliver lyrics on the track to her song Backseat see; Little Simz always tells a story in every song she writes as if she wishes to give her listeners a peak into her world & her mind.101 FM…Mad! Is the latest banger this rap god blessed us with, said to be off of her upcoming album 2019, Little Simz is so sick she leads you with the flow but you still don’t know where she’s going until she gets there. She raps about growing up in a British council flat. Her Bars tell us about all the trials & tribulations of government housing as a first generation British-Nigerian.img_5010She’s just a black girl rapping. No overtly sexual lyrics or any gang affiliation –that we know of…lol–   when you listen to Little Simz  you’ll leave entertained & maybe a little bit more introspective with the confidence knowing you‘re the best to ever do it !Her song Boss maybe the hardest gender neutral breakup song you ever did hear, no tears or heartbreak over here just straight fire bars. have officially been put on.You’re welcome.  If you’re still not convince by what we mean when we say this queen is sick with the flo;  E.D.G.E ft Josh Arcé X Chuck20  could show you better than we can tell you. Little Simz switches up the flow so quick you may think you just heard her equally as ill diabolical twin. Little Simz doesn’t believe in hoarding music, she thinks if it’s good people would feel it.LittleSImzShe was right.

Meet Jungle Pussy  

The witty, overtly sexual, yet still very tasteful metaphor queen. Real name Shayna McHayle, Jungle Pussy was born in Brooklyn, New york in the United States to Caribbean parents; a Jamaican dad & a Trinidadian mother. Growing up her mother always encouraged all her children to be artsy & embrace their own self-expression. img_5007She did just that. In 2013 this smooth lyricist was reborn & Jungle Pussy was curated, debuting her first song on YouTube called Cream Team- Jungle Pussy It caught on, people loved her lyrics in which she encouraged ladies to “hustle that pussy muscle”Shayna says her mother was also instrumental in her fully embracing the Jungle Pussywave & if you have a problem with her name refer to her song;Me – Jungle Pussy to address all of your concerns.. but know that she really truly doesn’t care. her song; Stitches- Jungle Pussy the metaphor queen lyrically threatens every sneaky female trying to take her “okay man”…hey, her lyrics not ours! lol.img_5008Jungle pussy‘s lyrics are clever & sensual but also super empowering. Inspired by multi talented award winning artist; Brandy –in particularMoesha, how Jungle Pussy wears her hair seems to also be an integral part of her self expression.  
Spicy103 FM- Jungle Pussymay be one of the best songs choosing this rapstresses versatility. Jungle Pussy raps fromdifferent perspectives with three different voice inflections on the track while still telling a story about a male & female couple who called in on a radio show to talk smack about each other.
It’s a millennial’s trapped in the closet;but R-Kelly is a rapist psycho –allegedly– so it’s not. With visuals to back it up; Jungle Pussy is every character. 

In 2015; Jungle Pussy released her first album titled Pregnant with success. She recently another one this year titled JP3. Run yourself a self care “niggas ain’t shit” bath & blast the whole album through your speakers while you revel in your glorious feminine energy. State of the Union – Jungle Pussy the first song on the album, she starts with a heavy clear & audible delivery on the track with bars & double entendres. No mumble rapping here. Trader Joes- Jungle Pussy; another song of off; the is basically witty a love letter to the organic fresh produce & convenience grocery store. Like most WhoToldYou faves don’t box Jungle Pussy in though because Fun Fact: she attended Yale University. Below is a video of her giving a lecture in her alma mater about how she began to embody this fun confident all round badass that is “Jungle Pussy

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