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 Flag Senegal Senegal 

The Museum of Black Civilisations opened in Dakar, Senegal. 


  • The museum of Black Civilisations was the dream of Senegal’s first president ;Leopold Sedar Senghor.  President Senghor also happened to be a poet. He declared Senegal the temporary capital of Black civilisation. 
  • The museum aims to decolonize knowledge & reclaim back our black history. Showcasing black culture & art through our eyes with our descriptions, allowing us to tell our own gaddamn stories ! Hit the wine glass !
  • Curated by Babacar Mbow a Senegalese curator the museum is to be filled with art attained from prominent black names all across the globe. These include the likes of Wole Soyinka, Cheikh Anta Diop & Kenyan Professor George Abungu. It is a 14,000sq meters & has the capacity to hold 18,000 exhibits.
  • The black diaspora communities in Brazil, United States & the Caribbean are also recognised -and very well much so within their rightas the strong African civilisations they are.  confetti
  • The museum of Black Civilisations aims to connect the link between the black diaspora & Africa because we truly are really all just BLACK ! A move in the right direction it is already comparable to the National Museum of African-American History & Culture.

We encourage Black people;  learn your history ! outside of what they teach you in your classrooms & if you ever find yourself in Senegal or the United States don’t be afraid to pay these black knowledge havens a visit.

Flag of Burundi Burundi 

Burundi has given the United Nations the boot! 

requesting us to close the office. We of course regret this decision and we would like to continue our cooperation with Burundi“.

So we ask; What do you –if you are of negro descent– think? 

south african flag South Africa

Shamila Batohi is first female head of the National Director of Public Prosecutions (NDPP).


  • Shamila Batohi has served as a senior advisor to the prosecutor at the International Criminal Court (ICC) since 2009.


This is news worthy! We repeat.

This is definitely news worthy; because Queen Bey- & Jay-Z of course !–  were the headliners in 2018’s annual Global Citizen Festival. 


  • The Global Citizen Festival is  movement of involved citizens who aim to eradicate extreme poverty in 2030.
  • The first concert was held in 2012. On December 2nd, 2018 in Johannesburg, South Africa; a collective of world leaders, artists & influencers came together to honor the legacy of Nelson Mandela. 
  • $7,096,996,725


  • Other very notable world superstars were also in  attendance; This included Nigeria’s very own  –& the people’s champ starboy wizzy!! wizkid

And Africa’s pop queen Tiwa savage.

Tiwa Savage

Flag Nigeria Nigeria

Meanwhile in Nigerian news;

Is the Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari a clone?

Yes; we are equally as confused too, but please stick with us. 

Last week sunday President Buhari actually held a conference to explain that he is in fact not a clone.

It’s the real me, I assure you. I will soon celebrate my 76th birthday and I will still go strong

Now, this would absolutely have not been news worthy.


we had to point out the mere fact that; it is a little strange that out of  all the requests, questions, pleas & outcries of distress Nigerian people have had;

Being a “clone” was what the Nigerian President saw fit to address. 


Flag Liberia Liberia 

The people of Liberia are on their way to true liberation!

The Liberian President; George Weah, has ordered all goverment officials to declare their assets.

  • President George Weah who ran his campaign on an anti-corruption platform has given government officials who have yet to declare their assets to the Anti- Corruption Commission a week to do so or “face punitive action consistent with the law“.
  • Now, it did take six months for the President himself  to declare his assets after he took office but after a lot of pressure from the public he obliged.
  • According to Liberia’s Anti-Corruption Commission only 25% of members of the executive branch of the government have actually declared their assets. 103 Members of parliament are still yet to do so

We love this!

& with this new development we double dog dare Nigerian politicians to follow suit!


Don’t hold you breath on that one though,

because we sure aren’t!

Flag Rwanda Rwanda 

Diane Rwigara is exonerated !!!!!!!!



  • The 37 year-old Human rights activist & critic of Rwandese President; Paul Kagame, Diane Rwigara was arrested in September 2017 after an attempt to run in her country’s presidential election.
  • She was immediately disqualified on grounds of “forging signatures of supporters” & charged with “inciting insurrection” against Kagame’s government. If convicted she faced 22 years of incarceration. 
  • On december 6th; after spending over a year in prison, a  panel of three judges in a highcourt in Kigali, Rwanda declared Diane innocent on what they deemed “baseless” charges. 

Don’t fret though, because Ms. Rwigara’s spirit is far from broken.

She’s qouted saying

I am continuing with my political journey… because there’s still a lot that needs to be done in our country.”

zambia flag Zambia

Here we go again ! 

Africa’s second largest copper producing country is changing their constitutional laws to fit egos. Following the rest of their counterparts; other African countries like Rwanda, Uganda & Cameroon.


A ruling in favour of Zambian President Edgar Lungu, took place in Zambia’s Consitutional High Court.

70th Session General Debate of the United Nations General Assembly

  • This would technically allow the President to run for a third term in the country’s 2021 Presidential election. 

Our answer is that (Lungu’s first) presidential tenure of office…cannot be considered as a full term

  • You see, President Edgar Lungu’s first term really only lasted one year & six months. When he took over after the unfortunate death of then elected -& now deceased– President; Michael Sata. 
  • This would have been fair enough. We wouldn’t  have even suspect any foul play. If the Zambian President hadn’t literally threatened his country with bloodshed if he was declared ineligible to run for another tenure in the 2021 elections. 

flag malawiMalawi

Is the Malawian President Peter Mutharika taking some pointers from the American President; Donald Trump?

Who knew the main requirement when you attain the position that you campaigned & allegedly worked hard for was to simply;

blame the past admistration?

Hey ! It’s not your problem.

It’s not like you’re actually president –also know as– the person in charge.

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