Chinualumogu Achebe


He was fondly known as the Father of Modern African Literature 

chinua achebe

If you haven’t read -or heard of- the enticing trance inducing & magnificent read that is the book “Things Fall Apart” you probably live under a rock. Or you hate reading & you dislike compelling stories.
That’s on you.
But that’s just one of the MANY notable written masterpieces Chinua Achebe left behind.
What made his writing style so unique was the use of his cultural heritage -Igbo to be exact; he was Nigerian- in settings & plots when conveying his attention grabbing imagery in a story.
When Chinua Achebe was criticized by peers for being a champion in decolonization but writing in a foreigners tongue; he explained the dilemma.
The complexities of wanting decolonization while using English as a medium to communicate cross culturally with his fellow kinfolk.
Chinua Achebe was a respected legend, novelist, poet, journalist & all around freedom fighter. He inspired so many by staying true to his experience & his craft.

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