20’s Tips To Get Your Mind Right


We cannot over emphasize enough how important exercising is for the keys to success.

While you can read all the health benefits exercising provides here because this is just simply not that blog post. One very important confounding variable, living an active lifestyle brings that seems to get overlooked a lot is the self discipline it instills in you. This is the real key.

Once you have control & discipline of yourself/body it starts to trickle into all aspects of your life. Suddenly all the goals you had set for yourself; you find out that you have finally built up the discipline to achieve them. Aside from that; you also have an extra surplus of energy that you would need to channel into actualizing these goals.

When you push your physical body to the max in a workout you truly understand the concept of;

“Mind Over Matter”

Then you begin to push your goals & aspirations with that same new-found zeal; life is all a mind game.

A Good Support System

Emphasis on the GOOD. Whew chillay; sometimes people have the illusion of a good support system. 
What does that mean ? 
you're about to find out.

You see a good support system should be a group of people –friends/family–  who hold space for you to be your true & authentic self. They don’t force their insecurities on your dreams, ask permeating question that make you uncomfortable or are threatened by your success.

A good support system should not be a competitive space, at least not within each other but together hand-in-hand against the journey of life.


When you bring up the prospect of a new & exciting interesting thing you’re potentially getting into to, How does your support system react?

Are they excited for you?


do they immediately discourage you by telling you why that goal in particular would be a hard one to attain without actual constructive critisism, do they attempt to “one-up” you? if your reply is anything but the former ?

That is okay

Because it leads us to the next tip;





CUT IT!!!!!





Cut The Cancer 

This goes for family members as well; Nuclear or extended. They would literally hinder your growth & besides if you're truly "always going to be family" then what's a few necessary years away from them in the span of a lifetime?

Cutting the toxic people out of your life is a major tip.

You see sometime toxic people can’t help themselves. The lens in which they see the world is tainted; already broken & damaged. The issue with people like this is they generally tend to believe everyone is as basic as they are. Everyone’s life experiences & set backs have to be the exact same too to toxic people.

If you spend a little while longer on earth you will begin to see that is simply NOT the case.

Everyone’s journey is different.

img_4950While you’re in you 20s trying to navigate your purpose in life, you don’t need gloomy people who are locked in & dissatisfied in their lives trying to convince you to not want more for yours.

Bye ashy!



Get A Passion Project

How long does it take to master a skill? Well there's so much debate between 10,000 hours - 20 hours & so many factors like how quickly the individual themselves is at grasping new skills but one thing is for certain; it does take time.

Chances are you’re spending a copious amount of time right now working on someone else‘s passion project,

which is great !


Here’s to earning a living & being a productive member of society. If you’re not here’s to celebrating you while you’re figuring out your journey in life !

Are you passionate about your job?

Is this all you ever dreamed of?

If so,

good on you!

However if you’re dissatisfied with your career path literally,

right now,

start working on your passion project A.K.A the next fortune 500 company!

Something as simple as brainstorming what you would like it to be –if you don’t already have an idea– is a step in the right direction.  If you are already gainfully employed you can invest in yourself.

How empowering is that?!

Everything takes time, so what you start off of as being a “rookie” in time you will become a master.

It’s a win, win.

You’re already working for someone, you might as well work yourself for yourself.

If you care.

Believe In Yourself

Looking for outside validation all the time would slow down your process.

You have to remember; most human beings are haters.


It’s important for you alone to know how to fill up your confidence tank. Then you won’t have time to pay any mind to what anyone is or isn’t saying.

But how do you get to such a self-assured place?

By focusing on yourself. Hangout with yourself. Enjoy your own company.

It could be a  scary thought at first however, when you do get comfortable with yourself, you rediscover your essence.

You start to admire & value all the cool, strong, beautiful, sexy weird quirks about yourself. Maybe things you were even bullied about in highschool.  You may even find it funny; so you joke with yourself.

You start to build a huge level of self-respect yourself & you realize how truly resilient you really are.

When you know who you are, no one can tell you who you’re not. img_4961

From the strength in knowing that you can now take on the world like ambitious self-assured bull you truly are.



Remember To Dream 

& make sure you write them down.

Set goals for yourself; some realistic & others not so much.

Ever heard of the saying ;

Shoot for the stars & land on the clouds“?

If you knew no matter what you did you could never fail what would you do?


Dream that big. You’re in your 20s; now is when you can afford to take risks, especially without your parents breathing down your neck.

This is the time to try everything you think would be necessary to get you to the next level in where you would like to be for your personal growth, success & happiness.

Dream big, set goals & when you achieve them reward yourself. When you fall short of your deadlines –because you’re human– remember to love yourself.

Get Financially Literate

Most millennials find this topic uneasy. For one; we all wonder why so much emphasis was placed on finding the proverbial "X" in hours spent in math class & not this. However, we digress.

As much as the baby boomers have made a shitshow of the world,  financial literacy is now even more important than ever.

giphyHow do you save?

What is budgeting?

Why does my credit score drop when I check it?!

Why is the exchange rate doing this?!

Is it realistic to by a house in this current market & economy?

All the information baby bloomers hoarded to themselves while we found “X”.

It’s a good thing the world’s biggest & mostly *coughs in net-neutrality* “free” encyclopedia “the internet” is readily available.


Inform yourself.

Empower yourself, don’t be afraid.

Be Inspired 

You can always learn from anyone. Older people don't always have all the answers & that is why innovation is at the feet of the youth.

All this won’t matter if you are unable to be inspired.

No matter how many self-help books you read, or positive reenforcement you get;  if you do not allow yourself to be inspired you would only see the circumstances surrounding you.

Most times when you’re trying to get ahead  this could be a bit discouraging so day-dream.

Inspire yourself & work towards it.


Rome wasn’t built in a day & you’re just a youngin’ in your 20s.

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