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Tanzania school picture by UN in TanzaniaPregnant school girls arrested along with parents & the men who impregnate them well

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  • The Tanzanian government is on a campaign to rid schools of pregnant girls. Even after putting to bed, these young girls are still exiled from pursuing an education in Tanzania.
  • Not only does this basically continue the poverty cycle but the law seems to be unequally balanced; with the young girls being vilified.  So it makes us wonder;

Does President John Magufuli actually believe immaculate conception occurs in this day & age? 


Here are colorful quotes from the President himself:


“After calculating some few mathematics she’ll be asking the teacher in the classroom, let me go breastfeed my crying baby.”


Since this law is technically a human rights violation; President Magufuli recieved alot of backlash from the media & the world. This was his advice to all the haters; President Magufuli to NGO’s(Non-Government Organizations):

These NGOs should go out and open schools for parents.

Tanzanian President John Magufuli visits Kenya

Another famous quote from the “beloved” President:

After getting pregnant, you are done!” 

Those who oppose President Magufuli are often charged with insulting the President.

  • In a country where is a teenage pregnancy rate of 25% with girls within the ages of 15-19 pregnant, We would think the Tanzanian Government would look for a more effective method that would actually work. Simple things like; actual sex education incorporated into the school curriculum, or continue to suffer sanctions such as: “World Bank pull’s $300m Tanzania loan”.  

But hey, what do we know? 



Kenya will begin to import Liquefied Petroleum Gas & Coal from Mozambique !

  • Kenyan’s do not seem to be too pleased with the president on this topic. Many feel the Kenyatta administration made this decision with their own personal interest in mind, but don’t take our word for it:


Paycheck Is Going Wayyyyyyyyy Up!


President Muhammadu Buhari is tackling police corruption with increased wages.

  • The President’s administration has crafted a strategy to deter corruption; & that is through increase salary allowances.
  • Presidential Spokesman Femi Adesina believes it will help reposition the Nigerian officers as the first line of defense. Technically if the police are better paid, they will be less likely to demand bribes. Here are the details of the new pay scale . 
  • However, our spidey senses are tingling; could this be a strategy to earn some good will before next year’s Presidential Election? Not too much of a  far-fetched theory considering the lengths Nigerian politicians would actually go. img_4887.png


Still fighting KWARUPSHUN-corruption– President Muhammadu Buhari honours the governor of Kano State; Abdullahi Ganduje with the “Best Govenor” award

Here are a bunch of other Nigerian Government officials that also wander around willy nilly all scot free, with a whole lot of unanswered questions. Must be nice!img_4885img_4884

Amongst all this disappointment from the Nigerian government, it’s important to distinguish the people. Especially the young & thriving hopeful youth.

  • Here are some pointers on how to keep our environment safe & be environmental conscious with Miss Environment

The U.S

1066359720.jpgThe “Fix it” man Michael Cohen has finally accepted a plea deal.

  • Already Cohen plead guilty to lying in congressional panels during questioning about Russia’s interference in 2016 United States Presidential election race.
  • The American President; Donald Trump, has repeatedly accused Cohen of being a “weak person who is trying to get a lesser sentence“. 

With all this controversy surrounding Cohen’s “word” lying to congressional panels, admitting to the lies you told to the congressional panels;

We are just going to sip our tea & watch this house of cards unfold.

All round entrepreneur genius turned viral sensation; Raynell Steward aka Supa, makes a million dollars in 90 minutes on black friday. 

  • We appreciate a good success story that shows you with hard work & dedication you just very well will achieve all your aspirations & dreams. 

Burkina Faso 

A sudden spike in fuel prices is causing a nationwide workers strike in Burkina Faso  

After facing fuel shortages due to a Truck Drivers Strike earlier this year, we really do hope the local government develops a legislature to improve cost of living and quality of life across the Nation because sincerely,

everyone is truly over it!

…..& we can always dream.


Internet Censorship Increases in Senegal

A whatsapp group joke gone wrong involving an image of President Macky Sall lands TV Reporter in jail for three months.


As a way to prevent the spread of “FAKE NEWS


We remember Kasese

  • This week marks the two-year anniversary of the Kasese Killings. 103 people, 15 of who were children were slain in the palace of King Charles Wesley Mumbere, Tribal Leader of Bakonzo People.

There has been no accountability from the Ugandan government regarding the killings. That’s no surprise to us though because the Ugandan President; Yoweri Museveni’s reputation does proceeds itself.

The government officals originally reported a death toll of 62 people.

  • T’was the night of March 2017 that some how, this number magically increased. It was updated to 103 innocent lives lost.

A deeper look into the story; tells us of a schism that has existed for sometime since a disputed Presidential Election.  involving est.1986 President Yoweri Museveni and the people of the Rwenzururu Kingdom. The Bakonzo declared their own Kingdom in 1962 and have lived lives of violent fighting till an agreement in 1982. Things seemed to get better in 2009 when President Museveni finally acknowledged the kingdom as its own entity. But it seems the relationship definitely is back on the fritz.

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