Fear Of Missing Out


In this new age of social media & big egos; a huge conservation that gets minimized a lot is the real anxiety that is “the fear of missing out“.


You know the feeling; when you check your home girl’s snap story,

& suddenly it seems like all you friends planned an intended meetup/ hangout sesh without you in particular in mind.

Or maybe you did get an invite, but the way to the economy was set up by the Baby Bloomers –& adulting– it just simply wasn’t feasible.

Breathe & calm down crazy millennial, cause missing out on events is definitely not the worst thing that could happen.

Gather your coins! Save up your money. It’s never a bad idea not to spend more money, sitting out one event could get you closer to your New Years saving resolutions

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….& if you’re anything like us.

You know that was some sound advice.





Ma Wo Ago A La Go Sese 

Don’t look at another person’s watch to tell the time

– direct English translation from the Yoruba above.

This adage basically encourages you to wait your turn & focus on your own path.

You can’t tell your time with “someone else’s watch”  because they just don’t have the same life experiences as you. Therefore, comparing yourself to them would be robbing yourself of your own well deserved happiness.

Nothing is new under the sun but there will always be infinite possibilities.

So watch your friends Snaps or Insta story & be happy for them.

Moping for hours on end, in regret, due to the possible fun you think you could be having wouldn’t teleport you to the event. Spend your time being productive in your environment.

If you have that one friend you love to hate, who would constantly send you endless pictures of wholesome friendship fun & love happening in your absence?





Your mental health is more important.

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It’s all love though you’ll unblock them later.


Whenever you’re ready,  if you feel like it;

Hey…. no shame in your game though, if they actually planned a trip without you.

Don’t Be A Drama Queen But Remember That Your Feelings Are Valid

Let’s be real, not going on a trip with your friends isn’t the worst thing that can happen to you. Especially since there are over 7.5bn people on planet earth, we are almost 100% certain you can absolutely make new ones. Ones that could possibly even be a better fit for your journey in life & your personal growth.

However do acknowledge your feelings –if they are hurt– to your friends.

A good friend or a friend that values your relationship should always take your feelings into consideration.

F.O.M.O Isn’t Contained To Missing Out On Trips

Due to social pressures telling us what a “normal” or regular timeline in life should look like. With certain milestones that have to be accomplished at a certain age –even though in all actuality; life is never that smooth sailing– when you’re not satisfied in your current position but extremely ambitious this could weight a lot on you mentally.

Even possibly stealing your motivation & smile.

But they say comparison is the thief of happiness & self growth. Instead of focusing on the personal progress you’ve made for yourself; as you alone know your story, you focus on someone else’s achievement that probably couldn’t walk a mile in your shoes/life experiences.

So just keep your head down & focus all your energy on you. People only really remember the last image projected in their faces. When you get to the promise land no one would remember the struggle you had to endure.

By then? It would be your story to share if you want.

Extrovert: an expressive person with an outgoing personality 

Don’t be too hard on yourself, There’s a long life ahead of you so many wins, victories & challenges that would be more worth your while & your stress

“Ever heard the phrase “absence makes the heart fonder” ?

As the extroverted “Beyoncé” of the group, we all know there’s no real party without you.


That’s just a random Nigerian adage

Reminding thieves they will eventually get caught.



absolutely nothing to do with F.O.M.O & the pressures from this fake popcorn society.


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