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Meet Juls

It’s Juls baby !

The Ghanaian producer musician artist extraordinaire. 33 year-old Julian –real name– refers to himself as an old school producer with a new school sound. We think he’s being dramatic about the former, although music producer Juls definitely influenced a wave of new sound in Africa & to world.


Born in East London to Ghanaian immigrant parents, Juls’ heritage was never lost to him. At the age of 11 his family decided to relocated back to their home country Ghana. & in his third year of university Juls found himself producing & making beats. He recounts having his first studio session with Ghanian music legend; Panji Anoff. Whom he says taught him a few tricks of the production trade.

It was ,”when Juls is on the beat then you know it’s a problem” from then on out.

Juls got most of his big breaks by simply reaching out to the artists he wished to collaborate with on their social media platforms, because of this, a collaboration with Show Dem Camp ensued. Producing the mesmerizing feel good track called “Feel Alright Ft. LadiPOE“. Nigerian artist, Boj’s sultry administration & delivery of his vocals onto the hook mixed with the little hints of the shekere –a West African percussion instrument– stole the show & a wave was created.
Juls also connected with then budding Nigerian –but occasionally Ghanaian- Star; Mr. Eazi through social media. Their chemistry was unmatched, together for a long while they held the number one spot on our airwaves with bangers like Bankulize Ft. Pappy, Hollup, Shitor, Anointing Ft. Sarkodie & everyone’s favorite Mr. Eazi song; Skintight Ft. Efya.
Juls considers his sound modern Africa. It’s important to him that the world be reintroduced to the African music legends that paved the way for him & also influenced music. He draws inspiration for his beats from the likes of Fela Kuti, The Apagya Band, The Funkees & many more legends.

On a Juls production, artist; Moelogo sings “Eji Owuro” as the hook, an ode to Fuji music legend:
Wasiu Ayinde’s Can’t Stop Thinking About You

If you listen to a Juls production long enough, might hear a beautiful saxophone & guitar interlude too.

Last year the producer released his album titled “Leap of Faith” packed with so many promising heavy hitters, some of Africa’s best & WhoToldYou all-stars; Odunsi(The Engine), Santi, Tomi Agape, Maleek Berry, Nonso Amadi & many more.

The first song on the project “My Wave Ft. Sona & Odunsi(The Engine)” embodies the vibe this cool producer oozes. Juls describes this sound as mellow & minimalistic with an Afro-beats flare. However, because it’s influenced by so many black cultures, it’s the sound of the diaspora. The sound of the world. & that’s what he categorizes his music as on Itunes. The tempo build up on his song “Coco Ft. Odunsi(The Engine) & Santi” is second to none & his beat on “Gwarn Ft Burna Boy” would have waists whining, breaking & twisting at any house party in no time. A sensual tune that is the diaspora. Who better to have on the track than artist musician & creative; Burna Boy. Gwarn starts off with the strums of a guitar string immediately inviting & engulfing you –the listener– into the world of Hi-Life.

Juls’s sound is black opulence.

He made his own lane; giving us good music & reminding West Africans that our music doesn’t always have to be upbeat high energy “gragra” .

Meet Leikeli47

the masked rap songstress with more versatility in her palm than most of your faves. If you’re a fan of seamlessly blending different sounds & influences to create a beautiful melody that produces eargasms then Leikeli47 is your truth. Before you ask, Yes. That is her real government name. But good luck finding the face behind the mask. The “47” attached to her name represents a variety of things to this young artist; from the 47 Newman microphone used in a Beach Boys production to the legendary baseball player; Jackie Robinson. LK47Leikeli47 is definitely an individual & she wants you to know that, she expresses this clearly on her song M.I.L.K. Leikeli47 wears a masks so the focus remains on her music. For it to be seen as genderless & colorless.With lyrics like “My friends break gender norms & we both wear pink platformsLeikeli47 can go toe-to-toe with your favorite M.C & even Hov knows. The artist has been featured in Jay-Z‘s personally curated playlist on Tidal.

On Miss Me; Leikeli47 gives us Missy Elliot vibes with her own twist so don’t think you won’t do a little diddy bop to the flow. You may have already been introducted to this musical genuis by everyone’s favorite black awkward girl tvshow on HBO; Insecure. Where the artist’s song; Girl Blunt was featured on an episode’s playlist. Leikeli spits conscious educated positive pro-black lyrics on the beat to a song that empowers female mariujuana users. Every single song with Leikeli on the track is like experiencing a whole new & exciting artist. Making you pine for more. LeiKeli takes her craft seriously. One listen to any song off her released projects like; Wash & Set or Newly released album; Acrylic will immediately have you sold. & she doesn’t let the pressure of these new age microwave artists get to her. Leikeli still believes in the good ol’ days where fans marinated for a while with the music created by their favorite artists. Braids tuh’da flo(w) can be an alternative girl gang anthem, with heavy electronic influences on the beat. LK-47 grew up in Brookyln New, York where she was able to experience the Caribbean diaspora. Her song “Bubblegum” is a Dancehall tune that would have you bust a whine while making a mean face. All we need is a remix featuring the Queen of the Dancehall; Spice. “MoneyLeiKelis breakout song; is like a throwback to an old school hiphop bop that’s is revelvant now, with a Salt-N-Pepa -esque flow. A gangster’s paradise. Leikeli47 gives fellow rapsongstress Lauryn Hill a run for her money on; “Hoyt and Schermerhorn” singing on the hook & rapping over a revised old school reggae beat. Switching it up effortlessly on the track. Trust us when we say she is literally TALENT. The word was simply made with her in mind. But if you aren’t convinced, tell us, what other rapper do you know can attempt & actually succeed in rapping the blues on a beat? “Ciaa” shows Leikeli’s fresh take on everything old making it new. It’s a gangstresses lament song. l47
It shows she’s truly an artist that appreciates the art of looking back to go forward. “
Roll call” is a shoutout to all the black greek life. Her song “Top Down” shows off Leikeli‘s vocal capabilities & no. She doesn’t rely on autotune. “Tic Boom” –a personal favorite– is another tune that shows how dancehall influences Leikeli’s sound. Play this track to put yourself in a good mood or pump-out that work-out! Honestly, we would love to hear a collaboration between Leikeli47 & Azealia Banks. Atlas… We can’t always get what we want. “Droppin” may be the closest thing to a “mainstream” track Leikeli has released. In it she raps about her family & her glow up to an even-keeled beat, riding the wave with her flow. For straight bars & harmonizing refer to “In My Eyes” You will become a believer of her skill & pen. Leikeli views her mask as a cape, she records in it, sleeps in it, chills in it. Seldom taking it off as she feels that would be cheating her fans. In the sick & unbrand visuals she creates to her music she appears with it on. To her, when you walk into a place, everyone deserves the same level or respect & diginity. Including the custodian, we have to say we agree. Leikeli47 is an artist that cannot be put in a particular box, so don’t even try.

Hot Bonuses

Bana – Niniola

Rewind – Showdemcamp & Bankyourbeatz

Maintain – Belly Ft Nav

Put It On Me (Remix) – Ja Rule Ft. Lil’ Mo & Vita

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