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Is the Nigerian Government taking even more pointers from the American Government? The official twitter page of The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) tweets to expose Nigeria’s current Vice President; Oluyemi Osinbajo.


  • On the 10th of Novemeber the official page of opposing party; PDP, tweets at the Nigerian Vice-President. Asking him to defend the N30 bn ~$90m corruption allegations held against him by the House of Representatives. img_4703img_4704img_4720

Meanwhile, PDP party member & current Senate President Bukola Saraki is caught on tape discussing plans to misappropriate public funds.

Bukola Saraki was running for the Presidential Primaries in his political party; PDP. He was also the formerly appointed Governor of Kwara State, Nigeria.


  • The Nigerian government officials love playing a game of Musical Chairs /Witch Hunt & as far as we are concerned, they are all corrupt. But what’s was more interesting is listening to the audio, you can hear that the Nigerian government is definitely paying attention to the tired & protesting youth.


In The Us

Until the world does right by black women there won’t be any real peace.


President Donald Trump viciously demeans black women reporters, insulting their intelligence.

Sad to admit however this erratic behavior is actually extremely on brand for the American President. All we have to say is this….img_4780

Do right by the women who always get the damn thing done !






We love when the blacks meet up & unite! This is what WhoToldYou is all about. On today’s episode the of American & African crossover; a wave creator, musical genius, producer & rapper Lil Jon, opens his second school in Ghana.confetti .gif
If you didn’t live under a rock in the mid 2000s, you know & have danced to the famous banger; Snap Yo Fingers. But this old head superstar is way more than that.
Lil Jon worked in conjunction with Pencils of Promise (POP). An organization passionate about the education of youth; which they do through buidling schools & curating after school programs.

Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at 3.19.11 PM.png

  • What makes POP unique is their hands on approach to their projects even after they have already completed construction.
  • Previously Lil Jon opened a Kindergarten school in Abomayawa, Ghana.
    The new Mafi Atitekpo DA primary school will enroll 313 students.
  • The music legend donated $70,000 dollars to the cause & is quoted saying “I’m all about helping the children”

Warm welcome, for a con man? Kweku Adoboli the swiss investment bank trader that went rogue in 2011 causing the biggest fraud case in Britain history –at the time– & costing the Swiss bank $2.3bn ~£ 1.4bn, returns home.

In an emotional court case, dubbed the “2011 UBS Rogue Trader Scandal” Kweku Adoboli was found guilt & sentenced to 7 years taking into account time spent.

  • & therein lies the issue; Kweku Adoboli was born in Tema, Ghana. From an upper middle class Ghanaian family; Kweku moved to the UK at the tender age of 12, where he lived ever since.
  • However, when a foreign national commits a crime in the U.K & is sentenced to over 4 years, he/she is subjected to automatic deportation. Kweku Adoboli was regarded as a foreign national.
  • The 38-year old was deported back to the motherland. On Wednesday evening, after being detained in Scotland & a long flight on Kenyan Airways Kweku Adoboli arrived in Ghana.
  • The reaction to Britain’s decision was split. Some thought Mr. Adoboli was treated quite unfairly as “He’s a Yorkshireman” & the U.K is his rightful home. A U.K immigration Home Office spokesperson basically feels; “If you can’t pay the time, then don’t do the crime” What are your thoughts?


Rest in peace to the 42 passengers confirmed dead in Gwanda, Zimbabwe. On Thursday, a bus carrying a suspected gas tank exploded in Gwanda, Zimbabwe.

  • The Gwanda district is just about 550km south of Zimbabwe’s capital; Harare,
  • The explosion claimed the lives of 42 Zimbos. Our condolences & prayers goes out to all the families of these 42 real people.


As Cameroonian President; Paul Biya gallivants around Geneva with millions of dollars unaccounted for in his administration; the english town of Bamenda, Cameroon remains war-torn.

  • The once peaceful town of Bamenda has now become the battle ground between rebel & government forces.
  • It all started with protests due to the increasing use of the French language in the Cameroon’s English-speaking center. Again we say; why are we killing ourselves over foreign languages in …AFRICA?!giphy (5) Colonization is a bitch.
  • More than half of the city’s population of about 400,000 have fled their homes to safer French-speaking cities unaffected by the conflict.
  • Multiple school kidnappings occur, causing many schools to shut down in Bamenda, Cameroon. & the schools that have remained open are experiencing a huge drop in attendance…Duh.
  • Tensions are high in Bamenda as government officials react in fear. Finding it hard to decipher between rebels or civilians, government officials rely on stereotyping. Physically fit men, Men who wear Locks & the ones who dare dress the specific combination of black & red are picked –or worse– as presumed rebels. Sounds familiar right?


Mauritania finally qualifies for the African cup of Nations. This is the first time Mauritania will compete for the cup. Other African countries that have qualified include; Cameroon –the hosts– Madagascar, Egypt, Tunia & Senegal.


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