Dr. Dora Nkem Akinyli


She is the Fearless & Revoluntionary Reformer.

Born in Makurdi, Nigeria. It’s said that Dora Akinyli Father -an Igbo Chief- noticed a “brightness” in his young daughter & the rest was history.

She went on to earn her Ph.D in Entho-Pharmacology in 1985 from University of Nigeria, Nsukka. But this isn’t a run down of her all academic achievements because she DOES have many.

In 2001 word of all Dr. Akinyli’s integrity & hard work got to ears of the President just as Nigeria’s Agency for Food & Drug Administration (NAFDAC) needed a savior.
Counterfeit drugs were flooding the market. Several people had died due to the unknowing administration of fake medicine by caregivers. One of them was Dr. Akinyli’s sister.

Under her leadership, the use & production of counterfeit drugs went down by a whooping ~80%. She disrupted the illegal industry by reforming NAFDAC’s policies & elevating drug inspection standards.

She was dubbed “the Drug Lioness”

Multiple assassination attempts were carried out on her but she stayed relentless. Unfortunately, her last battle was with Cancer… Dr. Dora Akunyli is a Nigerian hero. A black hero & because of her we can.


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