You’re The Shit, So Feel That Shit


10 Ways To Troubleshoot Your Confidence 

  •  See A Therapist 

This is always the easiest path of least resistance.

Your confidence is directly proportional to your self-esteem. & a low self-esteem could be a sign of a plethora of other issues that could be easily addressed with the help of a THÉ-RAH-PIST.

Preferably one you can relate to;

if you get catch our drift.

The general lackadaisical approach to mental health is interesting; as many of us don’t mind waiting hours in the emergency room only to be informed that the “deadly disease” –thanks google; everdayhealth & webmd – we thought we had,

was simply the common cold.

We say,

if you’ve got the funds !

See the shrink,

& watch your haters blink;

2018-08-03 15.49.58

in disbelief.

But don’t fret broke bitches –so a.k.a millenials– cause we’ve got your back.

& who better to cater to you than one of yours?

  • Talk to a Trusted Friend or Companion 

Emphasis on TRUST; for this one to work, your friend actually has to be trustworthy.

Trust is a valuable commodity & knowing who deserves yours is tricky.

At this point you’ll have to believe in your own personality deciphering capabilities & gut instincts.

Your friend or companion themself, also has to be emotional available to fully provide the positive support that you need.

P.S : This companion should be someone other than your significant other. e.g  your S.O & someone else. 

Now that we’ve given you all the backend “at your own risk” information.

American drug commercial style.

A beautiful & honest soul baring sesh with one of your close companions could be just the trick your confidence needs.

As human beings we tend to get in our heads & the endless images projected in our faces of the ideal lifestyle, body type, sexual orientation or religion we should aspire for certainly doesn’t make things any easier.

When the self-doubt sneaks over the logical shell that is your self-worth;

sometimes, all you need is a trusted friend that would remind you of the beautifully resilient legend that you really are.

  • Go Outside

Studies show that vitamin D deficiency can be linked to mood disorders like depression. Most depressed people usually have a low self-esteem.

But then,

we have;

The sun !

a great& free– source of vitamin D. Easily accessible to everyone regardless of income, race, gender, or sexuality.

Literally step out & under the sun to absorb your confidence back.


For us living in color; the amount of melanin in our beautifully lush skin could block our body’s from its true vitamin D absorption potential

& skin cancer.

giphy copy 2

It’s a good thing they sell those vitamin D supplements up in wally world!

Going outside also promotes socialization; you could potentially meet like-minded individuals with similar interest & aspirations.

This would inevitably boast up your confidence because there is power in numbers & now you know you’re not the only weirdo.

  • Eat Something Deliciously Indulgent 

They don’t call it comfort food for nothing & with so many websites shaming people for their personal dietary choices WhoToldYou would rather not.

We will inform though.

There is something to be said for scarfing down as much of your favorite comfort food as you can, after a long –& extremely stressful- day of working for “the man”  while watching your favorite show.

It’s relaxing.

It’s you’re alone time.

& you’re doing something that makes you happy.

A happier you is a more mentally stable you. So indulge but remember that too much of anything always turns out bad.

  • Exercise  


You better werk bitch!

Exercising your body not only puts you one step closer to that dream body –which if that does boast your self-confidence then we don’t know what will– but it literally makes you happier.

Low serotonin levels can cause mood disorders like major depression disorder, anxiety & low esteem.

So a few squats, burpees, sit-ups & jumping jacks weekly  would literally stimulate an increase in the production & release of serotonin in your body. Consequently making you “happier”.

Who knew?

We did.

Exercising also increases the production of dopamine in your brain; a little chemical you DO NOT  want to run low on.

Trust us.

  • Switch Your Gammmme Up!


The overall misconception is that a makeover has to always be an elaborate & completely jarring 360.

While that is the ideal situation.

The truth is;  if you’re a broke millennial, you simply can’t afford that. To be honest the Baby Bloomers wreckED the economy…but we digress.

Shake up your hairstyle!

Something as simple getting a haircut from a barber with the skills to finesse any hairline –or laying your edges– would quickly get you back to feeling like the man in no time.

Other fool-proof methods to revamp your look without breaking the bank include – but aren’t limited to– ; threading your eyebrows or throwing on some hoop earrings. & only a few things fan the ego like a new fresh full set manicure.

  • Pray or Meditate 

As much as religion & spiritually gets a bad reputation in this new information era, we cannot ignore the positive effects the comfort of these practices bring & have brought into our lives for centuries.


The idea of religion is to find solace in something big than you, when you can’t find it in yourself. The comfort in a short prayer or meditation session can still all those unwanted & gross self doubting thoughts that chink at the amour of our self-esteem.

  • Love on yourself 

Figuratively & literally.


We all know a healthy relationship with your sex life is good for personal self confidence & self-esteem.

Don’t get stuck thinking you need a partner to make this happen. Empowering yourself by taking your own orgasms into your hands can be exhilarating & confidence building.

When you orgasm regularly, it also gives you a clear head & control of your sexuality. You will find yourself no longer reacting on hormones & impulses.

Self love does not end at sexuality though; saving to get that outfit you left for ages in the shopping cart of that online store is part of it too.

While investing & saving your money is a priority, so should be spending your hard-earned money on YOUR got damn self.

  • Hold a Concert


You read it right.

Hold a concert.

Preferably at one of the many affordable locations at your disposal like; your bedroom, bathroom or any place with a mirror where you have complete privacy.

Or not; if you aren’t the shy friend.

Put on your best performance. Have a show to your favorite self-confidence promoting tune for your audience in front of the mirror.

Don’t forget to dress the part!

With your pretend mic in hand, you need to let your reflection believe & know you really are that cool alley cat.

Don’t be afraid to bust some dance moves on them too for the culture.

Because you’re Beyoncé


& the world is your oyster.

  • Remind Yourself 

4581a2dd4a631eb2a9687d5900eefbcd--sprinkle-of-jesus-quotes-mirror-inspiration 2Everyone –that didn’t live under a rock– has heard of the popular app

Sprinkle of Jesus”

Why was it such a hit?

Sprinkle of Jesus sends you daily notifications of positive & witty affirmations to get you through your work day.

So why can’t you?

When you’re high on confidence document it.

Record a video telling yourself how amazing & worthy you know you are. Save it for moments when you need a few liters back in your confidence tank.


be your very own Sprinkle of Jesus. Send scheduled alerts that remind you, you in fact are the shit.

Your Scars Make You Beautiful 

These are all 100% fool-proof

& we aren’t even promoting or selling anything !

The ultimate confidence troubleshooting is knowing to love & accept every single one of your weird flaws that make you unique.

So put all that self-doubt & worry on this shelf.IMG_3417

You catch more bees with honey;  accepting yourself would always be the first step. Adulting is knowing that SELF care is ALSO a priority & lack of self-love drains your productivity.

Jam Love Myself  byHailee Steinfield  & feel your worries dissipate.

You’re the shit & these haters can’t tell you nothing !



We create the world we imagine.

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