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Meet Martin Kharumwa 

The Ugandan creative visual artist. Martin Kharumwa has once described his work as “whimsically witty“. His work is mostly editorial; focusing on Fashion in Photography. Now based in Kigali, Uganda. Young Martin Kharumwa has had his fair share of exploring the world.

Coming from –what seems like– a tight-knit family. Growing up as a youth, Martin got to live with several aunties & uncles. In his family, this wasn’t out of the ordinary as they took the saying “it takes a village” literally.

On one of his many moves; Martin found himself in England. He got to experience the culture & he fell in love with it. He also began to creatively incorporate it into his own Ugandan heritage.

Martin Kharumwa expressed the intial difficulties he faced moving back to Uganda.

Trying to find out what editorial images would be accepted within the Ugandan & Rwandese audience was no easy feat.

It was tricky because; he had to learn all over how East African people wanted to be depicted in media

Martin Kharumwa is remarkable because not only did he create a space for us by simply existing while doing what he does.


The self-taught fashion photographer literally created a spaced.

You see, Martin Kharumwa had worked for a Nike campaign abroad. Upon moving back to East Africa; he was surprised to find out most of the ad campaigns shot in East Africa for East African consumers were taken by photographers outsourced from abroad. He knew he had to be the change!

Martin Kharumwa launched the online digital platform called With the intention of creating a safe space for East African creatives.

Putting them in the same place to showcase their work with the right captions, making it easier for East African creatives to connect & collaborate with the global creative market. Lack of accessibility was the excuse name brand companies like Nike used as a reason to outsource talent.

For a while it seemed to work, Martin Kharumwa was able to connect big companies with local creatives.

However, In updated news no longer takes you to budding innovative platform. We couldn’t really find reason as to why this happened. & we looked. But definitely this hasn’t seemed to slow down this promising entrepreneur. Martin Kharumwa still showcases his work & growth on his personal platform.

& you can contact him.

Maybe he’ll tell you want happened.

For now just #support the artist.

Meet Ayogu Kingsley

the 24 year-old hyperrealist portrait artist from Enugu, Nigeria. What makes formally trained fine artist; Ayogu Kingsley phenomenal is; due to his meticulous attention to detail, you & a doubting Thomas could have a long heated debate session on the validity of his art. On whether or not his portraits were in fact hand painted. Or if they were taken by a Nikon D5600.          
img_4733Ayogu Kingsley perfectly captivates the golden highlights & undertones in the beautifully pigmented brown skin with each intentional stroke of his paintbrush in his portraits. img_4737No single coil in our vibrant kinky hair is not left behind either. His usual medium of choice is a canvas &  most of his art are done in oil paintings. With this        Agogu is able to bring real texture & details in our brown/black skin. He is also known for precisely & realistically drawing every single little bead of sweat on his muses that would have you staring at his work for hours! Waiting. Sure that evaporation will run its course.

On his blog;  Agogu gives us a peek into the emotions that surrounded & prompted his art. Showing us he is a true artist who is introspective about his work. He also uses his art to address some issues like body shaming the black woman. Basically, we are trying to say; Ayogu Kingsley is unbelievably talented & you could never. WhoToldYou is all about the talented & unique creatives. Support the artist.   


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