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President Uhuru Kenyatta arrived in China for the country’s first ever International Import-Export Expo. Held from November 5th – November 10th. 

  • Among all the 100 countries & many corporations set to attend; Chinese President Xi Jinping also extended the invitation to President Uhuru Kenyetta.  
  • The Expo is hoping to expand & promote even more of a seamless trade between the two countries. This could also encourage cooperation towards mutual prosperity between the two nation
  • President Uhuru Kenyatta & Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi were the only African presidents that gave opening speeches. In which; President Kenyetta, asked for a reduction on the tariffs placed on African countries by China as to promote growth in Africa’s export industries.
  • All we have to say is: Hmmm. We will be watching China super closely. 

In The U.S 

Almost 1.5 million people got their rights back in Florida with the passage of the Constitutional Amendment 4. Previously, a former felon in florida would have to petition for their rights, from the board of clemency. 5 years after they’ve already served their sentence.

  • A huge win for us. Considering the privatization of prisons & the obvious disparity of the American prison system when dealing with people of color.

The US just went through & is still going through their 2018 Midterm elections. Da block is hot. 

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 4.06.58 PM.png

  • With almost a 50/50 representation between the Republicans & the Democrats. It seems these two parties might actually have to work together in order for any legislation to be carried out in the near future.
  • Although it’s important to not get caught up in the two-party system; & having to choose between one of the lesser evils. For now it seems the democrats have our ears.

The margins for the races in positions like the Governor’s office or the Senate where so close in some states; an immediate recount has been requested. 


“If the Cameroonians are not coming the hotel will close down”

If you’re looking for Paul Biya; Cameroon’s recently “re-elected” President. You should try Switzerland. Or Cameroon’s presidential office; since this is Paul Biya’s SEVENTH –seven-year long– term.

  • Recently reelected –& we use that word very loosely–  President; Paul Biya, shows us anything is possible despite unfavorable margins when you “tighten up security in the polling places that weren’t going to favour you. 
  • Cameroonians know it’s a case of voter’s suppression. Paul Biya is the highest paid African leader earning a lavish annual salary of $610,002.
  • But that’s not enough for his room & board!  If you want to know where most of Cameroons public funds are assumed to be? Ask the Intercontinental hotel in Geneva, Switzerland. & use code name “Him” and “Her”. 
  • All hail king Paul Biya, may his rule reign supreme! Cause who are we fooling. Cameroon is definitely not a democracy. 


Meanwhile on this saga of ;keeping up with Nigerian politics.

  • Is Nigeria’s current President; Muhammadu Buhari taking a page out of North Korean’s; Kim Jong Un’s book? The president’s official party’s page; APC spreads propaganda with the Nigerian pledge. 
  • After uproar from Nigerians the post was later deleted but not before We got our grubby hands on it. 
  • As usual the loud & wrong mediocre government never fails to disappoint


Ethiopia keeps on showing the girls how it’s really done. Ethiopia recently appoints the first female to head the country’s Federal Supreme CourtHuman rights lawyer & woman rights activist Meaza Ashenafi was sworn in on thursday last week. 

Ethiopia also recently opened up their boarders to all their African brother & sisters.WhoToldYou is all about Pan- Africanism between all our brothers & sisters of the negro race. 


Hatifari Munongi is working to preserve culture in Zimbabwe. The 80 year-old teacher built a replica village in order to teach young people about their heritage & traditional life.

As urbanization  *coughs* –not to be confused with gentrification– takes over Harare, Zimbabwe. 

  • The replica village consists of a traditional round hut, cattle pens, rabbit runs & ancient artifacts.  Hatifari teaches the 100s of children that already visit the village through folktales & songs. 
  • Hatifari got a second degree at the age of 78 because she said she wanted to “motivate women to dream for themselves”. She’s hoping these teachings of traditional culture & ways of life could be incorporated into Zimbabwe’s education curriculum. 
  • Why don’t most countries –especially the black & previously colonized ones– ever take back the control in their school curriculums by teaching their promising youth all the forgotten heritage & history? Sigh. Instead we continue to regurgitate what the west left behind. 


After spending over a year in jail without trial; Diane Shima Rwigara & her mum; Adeline Rwigara were released on bail

  • Diane Rwigara is a well known & prominent government critic.
  • On Thursday; November 7th Diane Rwigara was charged in a Kigali High Court for forging official electoral documents. This conveniently disqualified her from the 2017 Presidential race against Rwandese President Paul Kigame. She was also charged with creating an uprising against the government. 
  • The prosecutor is requesting Diane Rwigara be locked up for 22 years, however the 37 year-old activist is standing her ground & maintaining her innocence. The High Court set the ruling date for December 6th, we will be watching to see if Rwanda truly is a democracy. 

The Congo

Rest in peace to the admirable, brave, resilent & inspiring activist leader;  Luc Nkulula. Luc Nkulula was one of the leaders of LUCHA; an organization aimed to get the youth involved in politics & keeping the environment clean.

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