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There is a well-known adage that goes like this;

 “Technology is when Knowledge is put into Practice.”

On this week’s Tech Talk we are discussing how co-founders, Okey Madubuike and David Echieanu  put knowledge into practice through developing a First Responder app called Triggr.

Triggr” is newly launched personal security and emergency coordination mobile app for real-time location sharing, event notification and collaboration among family members. Friends and associates.” –Okey Madubuike and David Echieanu.

Here’s The Gist of It .

Triggr is an app designed to give you access to broadcast your location to First Responders in any case of an emergency.

If you have an emergency or feel like you’re in any danger; you could quickly broadcast your location. And you would be immediately put in a private chatroom with First Responders.

Get it ?

Trigger also has features that support some well know corporate Emergency/First Responder organizations.

So We Downloaded The App. You know; to get a Feel of it. 


Sign Up…

Sign In….

You are met with a page that instantly  –you guessed– allows you to broadcast your location and give information of your hypothetical emergency.

There are 12 pre-placed emergency events:

  • Car breakdown
  • Accident
  • Robbery
  • Flood
  • Rape
  • Kidnap
  • Riot
  • Fire
  • Gas leakage
  • Stalking
  • Sickness
  • Suicide

 From there you can broadcast your signal. 

“With Triggr, users are no longer alone in times of distress. They simply press corresponding buttons to broadcast useful information to responding allies.”

Above is a direct quote from the young Nigerian co-founders. They are hoping to reduce to crime rates directly with their app.

And we must say,

it is a step in the right direction.

Triggr could also reduce the rate of assault against women or at least provide a better sense of security because; in theory you should feel better knowing help is basically at your finger tips.

Being a Start-up Tech company,  we are curious about a couple of things.

CaptureHow are the First Responders verified?

And how are First Responders protected from harm themselves?

Is there a separate app for Emergency Service providers?

WhoToldYou would be keeping you posted.

[Update: “Responders are trusted friends, colleagues, family, etc set up by the users themselves; as such do not require any external verification. Triggr only provides the platform for them to help themselves in emergencies.

Triggr provides sufficient information to galvanise help for the “victim”, such as location, nearby service providers, time of business, etc. Triggr does not get involved in the “rescue or protection of the responders”.

For the service providers (which triggr verifies), there is a separate triggr web portal for their registration. You can check the triggr website ( ”
Triggr Customer Service]

Check them out at: BlueExpert Consulting  , Facebook.

Get it on Google Play

Don’t fret; Triggr also available on IOS.

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