Mary Beatrice Davidson Kenner


& She is the Most Productive Female Inventor from North Carolina

Mary kenner

If you’re not a “Tampon girl”

thank her!

Because Mary Kenner invented the Sanitary Belt; a precursor to the modern day Sanitary pads.
Changing & improving the quality of the everyday woman’s menstruating cycle.
However, due to overwhelming racism it took 30 YEARS for the sanitary belt to be made available to the masses after it’s invention.
It wasn’t unusual for companies to backtrack out on production after finding out the race of their client. She eventually went on to acquire five more patents for household & personal care items like the bathroom tissue holder.
Mary Kenner is quoted on many occasions saying all she’s passionate about is making people’s lives easier.
Not the money.
She’s better than us, because of Mary Kenner we definitely can.

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