funke-Wanna Know What Grinds My Gears?

The fact that African languages aren’t an option in most technology translation boxes.

Technology I pay for;

should be capable of spelling Chukwuemeka without an annoying red underline or autocorrect trying to teach me how to spell a language it doesn’t even register.

You cannot ignore a whole continent of people.

Yah weirdos!


Africa? Population of 1.216 billion people in 2016

Nigeria; a country in west Africa has over 520 languages alone.

Representation matters especially when you’re taking my money and there’s an obvious financial market!


Did the phenomenal that was Black Panther and the

“Wakanda” craze,  teach you guys nothing?

Don’t worry we’re glad that died down too.


We’ll just to do it ourselves –like we always to do-before it gets other people’s attention and is stolen.



But What Really Grinds My Gears;


People that seem to regress your growth

Before we get into semantics; yes, we all know no one technically should have the physical power to regress your growth in theory Aunty Funke. However, that’s some khumbaya hippiedippie bullshit!.

If you absolutely can’t relate then lucky you.

The envy from this side of the screen is immense because this particular blog post is not a conflict resolving one.

A reasonable person tends to forget everyone isn’t obligated to be polite. 

Albeit “easier”

not everyone thinks so. Or has the same “moral” –whatever that means to you– compass. This soliloquy is for when all the taught mature adult conflict resolution options have been exhausted. And  removing yourself completely from the person/individual is not immediately possible.

At this point the individual/situation is SUPPRESSIVE. And you can’t simply shake them off your shit no matter what you do. 


Used in satire.

suppressive person:

term for defunct or formal scientology members.The religion requires family members to cut all communictation ties with “suppressive” people to remain in the religion .

A Time to Back down and a Time to Stand tall.

We all have egos; that little woman on your shoulder. She’s there for the ups and downs. And truthfully, shapes your personality;

depending on how much you let her lead you.

But most especially; your ego could really fan your fury if you let her.

tenor (1)

These suppressive people could trigger unpleasant memories of prior situations that drag you back into your old defense mechanisms.

Back when you didn’t have the tools to communicate effectively. With compassion and empathy or maybe you didn’t care to. Asserting yourself without being vicious or hurtful does require you to be more creative.

A time where you may have clammed up. Taking any type of treatment from most people due to the fear of the unknown, anxiety or a plethora of other reasons. Good thing is;

You’re no longer than person.

Kanye-West-Wiz-Khalifa-6-640x219Two options are available:

back down then.

Swiftly removing yourself professionally from the situation.


strike the fuck back.

It’s GAME THEORY time baby!


the study of mathematical models of conflict and cooperation between intelligent rational decision-markers.

We are becoming too civil

There is a time for search and a time for loss. A time to keep and a time to give away. Surely, amongst these axioms there has to be a time to rage?

We can’t ignore that negative reinforcement does produces results, especially in human relations.

Evidence is in the non-verbal forms of communication your mum gave you through her eyes growing up.

736e7fa1e194f692af71de9e786fb502--black-church-funny-tweetsIt IMMEDIATELY stopped your foolishness.

It was effective wasn’t it?

But, why? Because you knew your ass will in fact get whooped when you got home if the observed unpleasant behavior isn’t called to a halt.

A bad day; with the right series of unfortunate events and dealing with that “special” suppressive person is the perfect storm that could encourage you to potentially crack.

In a moment of weakness, you rage right back.  You become the girl that wields a tongue so sharp even a sword-smith would be envious. And she braces it aimed intentionally to mar  her opponent.

Her tongue is coated with cutting words ready to stab at all of  her opponents insecurities. She’s observant so she knows every, single, little, one of them.

Whatever conscience she has is out of the window now because,

To her?

This is justice.  Her ego has taken the front seat and her tongue is the weapon of choice 

“you should have backed down when I was being polite!”

While the waves of warm hot anger escape. Getting this upset is NEVER productive but it sure is satisfying as hell.

Nothing is more triggering like than feeling of being played, tested or tried.

Don’t test me, please.   

giphy                                                                                   Your ego helps you protect yourself, most especially your pride; a weird phenomenal most human beings have to deal with. If you step out of character and have a moment of weakness;

forgive yourself.

No one’s perfect.

But we do strive to be. Even Jesus raged in the temple.

And he wasn’t conceived by a man. So don’t be too hard on yourself.

Do, do damage control; apologize to any possible bystanders who may have witnessed the wonderful storm. This is not your usual temperament and you don’t want the lasting impression to infer so.

Don’t expect everyone to be open to giving you the benefit of the doubt.

Some people swear they have better morals than Jesus and never make mistakes. These people should ideally be taken into account before the storm is unleashed.

However, never ever be shamed for having a human moment.

Just remember to grow.

relax-you-got-this-memeBoundaries are harder to set with certain people  but tomorrow is always another day to do better. 

After all, girl !

you sure ain’t Jesus.

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