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Meet Santi/Ozzy B

26-year old Osayaba Andrew Ize- Iyamu the Nigerian artist who has mastered the art of Afro-Dancehall, like most quality millennial artists Santi cannot be boxed in. & we all know WhoToldYou only highlights versatile creatives.

santi-91Ozzy B hopped on our airwaves with the undeniable banger that is Gangsta Fear ft.Odunsia WhoToldYou favorite, Santi & Odunsi actually have a couple of songs together– then we were sold.

Bop this jam to feel a vibe only Santi can provide.

& if you’re bored; you could play a game of “Trying to Decipher The Lyrics”. Santi dropped his first free album Suzie’s Funeral on 2016 & has been penetrating our airwaves with his cool swag ever since. Gully; the first song on the project show Santi is already the man sonically. & he may have found a new creative way to administer fire ad-libs on his songs. It seems like he’s on the road to finding his ultimate sound/route.

But we aren’t mad at it;

creatives are meant to  experiment.

Ozzy B caused a stir, earlier this year; on Nigerian twitter. When he released a snippet of the visuals of a song called “Freaky ft. Bridge & Nonso Amadi” A tune he later unleashed on us later down the line. The visuals were a little disconcerting to some Nigerians as it was supposed to be “creepy” & Nigerian are extremely superstitious. Santi addressed the commotion, explaining that the visuals were an ode to the old freaky Nigerian movies he so fondly grew up watching.

Icy ft Izzy, Maison2500 & Odunsi is where you thought Bryson Tiller’s career could have possibly went but it doesn’t disappoint. For optimum listening pleasure please blast this with your living room speakers at the beginning of your pregame before your night out & about in town.

If you’re familiar with music all-star; Craig David’s “Fill Me In“,  you understand why you’ll have to turn up the volume to Santi’s Jungle Fever ft Genio Bambino ft Odunsi (The Engine). On Beat it Up

Santi shows he’s ever the metamorphosis god, changing his voice to sound like whoever he wants including Ty Dolla Sign on the track.

However,  if you needed one sure song to convince about this music chameleon “Rapid Fire ft Shane Eagle” is your best bet. With chemistry like butter, this collaboration was made in heaven.

We do wonder though, who’s the young girl on the track ? Our money is on rising star Tomi Agape.

The only one critique we dare to have?

Pick one name Santi/Ozzy B because you’re splitting your traffic on the google search engine.

Meet Megan Thee

the confident 23 year-old, 5’10 college hottie on everyone’s lips come summer 2019.
meghan the stallion -88This young “hottie”-what she calls her fans– is one of the few artist that can spit boss bitch lyrics on a freestyle to track that has even Rick Ross in the room making the nasty face while doing the head bopping. Her Stalli (Freestyle) is just that.                                                                     From Houston; Megan Thee Stallion has that dirty south pimp nasty flow. Not surprising since her inspiration is the legendary Pimp C; who also inspired Megan’s alter ego young “Tina Snow”.   Her song “Hot Girl” is an homage to fellow Houston native Nelly ‘s 2002 worldwide smash hit “Hot in Herre“. With confident female empowering lyrics to motivate the girls like; don’t get mad hoe,  get a bag hoe”                                          Thee Stallion raps from the perspective of a dominate female & if you can’t handle that she really doesn’t care. “my mother told me to shit on these hoes, so I think about that everyday before I do anything even when I’m drinking henny“. In “Cognac Queen” she tells you she means it. It’s a classy ghetto love song about her favorite drink & stealing your no good man –that she NEVER wanted in the first– with no effort from her part. Megan Thee Stallion is that girl; & she want’s you to think so to. If you’re ever in need of an ego repair & confidence boost, she’s got you covered. However, the new anthem “Freak Nasty ” is the reason why you haven’t heard the last of this young hottie that calls her self “Thee Stallion” in reference to her height & huge assets.  30 seconds into watching her perform & you’ll already know, Megan Thee Stallion is a star.                                        


Bend – Squeeze Tarela   

Rockstar – Yinka Bernie ft AYLØ

Rejoice – Bucie ft Motion Picture 

Mary Jane Love – No Name 

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