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Album: Queen

Artist: Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj’s much-anticipated album; Queen got lots of mix reviews on its initial release but no one can deny it’s longevity  & Nicki’s pen. J Ried;  Nicki’s personally producer gets an A for originality especially in this era where plagiarism in music is acceptable. No one does –what we call Caribbean pop, like the Queen. Ganja Burns is an ode to Review for you 3Nicki’s muted Trinidadian heritage; a bop nonetheless. InMajesty (Ft. Eminem & Labrinth) Nicki delivering heavy on the track, is a Nicki we love. Eminem’s verse was cute but it could have been cut short. Nicki proceeds to threaten Cardi-B in a childlike voice. Funny as fuck. In Barbie Dreams” you have to respect Nicki’s flawless wordplay while playing homage to the Notorious. Her mainstream song on her album, she gave the Barbz; Roman. Rich Sex (Ft. Lil Wayne) is your regular young money collaboration. We wish Nicki’s last verse was her chorus. It could have really taken the song to the next level. Atlas we can’t have everything we wish for.

Hard White she’s busting obvious shots & spitting confident witty lyrics; Nicki proves she can go toe to toe with your favorite MC. Please don’t argue content. Although we do wonder why the first line of the chorus has nothing to do with the entire song. Is sticking to the theme important if the song still slaps? Well, we’ll let you decide that. If you listened to Starships you’ve listened to Bed (Ft. Ariana Grande) very Caribbean pop. But, nonetheless necessary for the album. & still a little head bop.  You see Nicki has sustained longevity by adding a few songs to her album specifically to cater to her white fan base. Hey, get your money sis.The music industry is still a business. Thought I Knew You (Ft. The Weeknd) is a fun track showing Nicki’s ability to adapt & be versatile. She’s trying not to sound dated. The effort is acknowledged & if the Weeknd’s usual lament is your thing ,you might want to give this song a listen. Run & Hide probably the most underrated track on the album. Introspective, raw Nicki. Is a Nicki we love. You can literally hear her passion on the track & actually feel her. Tracks like these truly seem like the real Nicki Review for you 3.1. The Queen is usually extremely performative with her antics. Chun Swae (Ft. Swae Lee) everyone knows Swae Lee is a hook sensei- right next to Jeremih–  & the Queen’s Ad-lib on Chun Swae –in our professional opinion– is straight flames. She’s the swish god & she’s feeling herself. It”s one of the few beats not produced by J. Reid. It goes hard. For uptimum listening pleasure; listen in your car with your speakers blasting on a Monday morning.  Chun- Li Nicki had already released earlier. & it made sense why this banger made it’s way to the album. It’s not uncommon for an artist to put their highest rating single on their album as it could facilitate it going platinum. The beat is different &  J. Ried out did himself with a trendy catchy beat that still sounds unique. An extremely valuable skill these days.

 LLC is probably the reason why Cardi-b & Offset bought their matching Lambo’s to post all over social media. Nicki switches flows & deliveries on the track, reminding us of itty bitty piggy Minaj. While threatening a girl *coughs* -CARDI-B- who thought she could take the queen’s spot. She raps about the industry trying to make a Nicki clone & on the 2nd verse she takes shots at a girl who raps about Ferraris but doesn’t even own a sports car. What’s funny is, now proven arc nemesis; Cardi-b had released a banger,  Bartier Cardi & didn’t have a Ferrari at the time but talks about one it throughout the song. Are we reaching? Maybe! but it’s fun to speculate. Considering recent events; it’s obvious these two female powerhouses are extremely bothered & pressed over each other. “Good Form” is perfect for a good old-fashioned  twerk session. 

Nip Tuck Your regular Right thru me bop. Nicki is singing with alot of autotune. Although it does sounds better than most of her singing tracks. Singing Minaj is always a tricky one. (failing more than winning for the most part). 2 Lit 2 Late Interlude” is cute little interlude with a lot of potential. We wish we could have heard more. Alas, it’s not our art. Come See About Me is rumored to be about her ex Safaree. We highly doubt that. But so he claims so. Another singing RnB song that Nicki could have kept. Sir (Ft. Future) Say whatever you want but there’s always good chemistry in a Nicki & Future collaboration. This song is more of -what we call– New Money Nicki flow; so slowish with Rick Ross-esque bars. Miami more of the New Money Nicki flow. More importantly why does every rapper feel the need to rap about hard drug use? Do it behind close doors guys. If you must. No need to normalize potentially dangerous stuff. Coco Chanel (Ft. Foxy Brown) The last song on the album; it was a tragic. After receiving so much backlash for not embracing other women in hipop Nicki collaborates with, Foxy Brown; a bad boss legend bitch in her right. However it seems awful convenient because Foxy; as this point. Could never be a threat to the Minaj empire. Why aren’t you collaborating or openly embracing young new & fresh female artists like Megan Thee Stallion or Asian doll? The guys do it so what’s up Nicki? Keep making your behind the scenes chess moves but remember you catch more bees with honey. Drake knows that!                                                          

Through it all Queen is a quality body of work & Nicki should be proud. It has a high replay value & if you don’t like it at the first go, give it another listen to really digest it. Ever the Chess Queen, We see you Nicki suddenly rapping more in spanish. To Freedom!


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