Review for YOU

Album: Secure

Artist: Stefflon Don

Say all you want about this British- Caribbean baddie but you can’t say she doesn’t secure a check & switch it up! Stefflon Don rides every beat on this song with Review for you 4body  positive, female empowerment, mogul building lyrics. In secure  she’s simply that bitch& she has the bars. The album cover –leaked a week before the album release– is an ode to lil Kim the original bad bitch of rap.
The album starts of with lil bitch & you could infer “The Don” was sending shots at “The Queen”.  Considering the allegations of Nicki Minaj stopping bags & making it hard for new female artists  in the industry,  it’s not fair fetched to conclude she’s the “lil Bitch” Steff keeps referring to. The tune smacks regardless!

More of the threats & self confident body positive lyrics were sounded off in Jellio Steff address all the envy for old Don. Also throwing shots at people hurt by her success.  In this 1:45 snippet; “Finesse” the grime queen reminds us she still has the initial spunk she came with into the game with. “What You Want (Ft Future)”  seems to be Steff’s attempt of “crossing over” however,  the collaboration with Future seems to lack chemistry & seemed like a marketing tool. “Win ft DJ  Khaled” this track is Caribbean pop.  A fun pop song with strategically watered down culture, perfect for the American market. “Pretty Girl (Ft Tiggs Da Author)”, an actual ode to her Jamaican heritage with real jamaican influences. Is a jam to whine up with your girls at a girls nightout or play for that lucky girl to whine pon it!. On “Favourite Girl (Ft Review for you 4.1Haile WSTRN)” Steff code switches between her Jamaican & british flow. Her sound is at her bes when she does this. She is seamless; spitting hard & heavy with lyrical prowess. “Senseless” the single off the album. Put this on to remember you’re that bitch & expect more of Steff’s Jamaican & British coding switching that she does so effortless. You can’t help but make a nasty face & bust a whine. “Regular” this is a Trap RnB track, steff shows her versatility making a hit without actually spitting bars. “Crunch Time” throw this vulgar track on in the gym. Preferably when you’re lifting heavy weights in or throwing ones at the strip club. We promise & you won’t regret it.Free Drip Tony Montana (Online)” The beat goes crazy on this tune. You might need YG on the dance moves for the culture. Steff doesn’t fail to deliver lyrically as well with sexy & demanding lyrics. “Uber (Ft Ebenezer)” this has Afrobeat & Jamaican influences. Steff’s guest feature; Ebenezer pulls the song together in his verse, their chemistry works. On “Precious Heavy” she immediately comes in with oomph & lyrical confidence to a grime beat. She makes you believe who she say’s she is. “Both ways (Ft Fekky)”, seems to have heavy Damian Marley Welcome to Jamrock-esque influences, more code switching on the track.  She could have done without the feature though.

Hurtin’ Me (Ft Sean Paul, Popcaan & Sizzle)”  is the song the Caribbean all-star remix we’ve prayed for. In the early 2000s this would be on everyone’s airwaves but these new kids don’t know good music even if it smacked them in the head. Sean Paul never disappoints.

All in all this was a good attempt at a body of work, Steff stayed true to her roots showing versatility with heavy grime & Caribbean influences. There is still growth to be seen in her music- although she can already hold her own with your favorite MC– her general sound is still quiet raw. The price you pay for originality. The Don put to bed any doubts about her lyrical skills or ability to really ride & control a beat. We do wonder who the hating ass envious queen she refers to throughout the tracks like little gems is. What’s the tea sis? Also we referred to this as an album & not a mixtape because that’s what she intially intended it to be. Unfortunately album sales made her look for a different branding method. Watch out for Steff though. We certainly haven’t heard the last from her. 

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