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Trinidad and Tobago 

Prayers out to our brothers & sisters in the West Indies! Mother nature has been extremely unfair.

  • Reports say on Sunday; October 20th, 48 hours of heavy rainfall caused widespread floods through out Port of Spain displacing many people from their homes.
  • The government said teams worked on recusing people trapped in landslides or any other freakishly dangerous predicament cause by the floods. We wish we could do more. But for now, our hearts are with them.  

South Sudan 

Majority of the wealthy african politicians –or people related to them -cannot give a proper account on how they amassed numerous amounts of wealth  –or“blessings” as the politicans like to market it as– admist so much hardship & strife.

Enjoy watching the video below of Salva Kiir Mayardit, the son of South Sudan’s “Cowboy President” being asked where he got his wealth from & what he does  for a living.

Could you find a straight answer?

He must be overwhelmed from all those “blessings”.


Government funds


Do all these reforms in Ethiopia seem strategically planned?

Who care’s because we are here for it.

 Ethiopia just made history!

On Thursday October 25th, 2018

  *queue the drumroll & shekere*

Sahle-Work Zewde was elected Ethiopia’s First Female President.

Meanwhile In Nigeria

Politicians will play politics also know as theatrics.

Ex Governor of Ekiti state; Ayodele Fayose was picked up the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

  • Don’t worry, he wasn’t. “EFCC” the name, is more intimating than the actual organization if you have some money or influence. Fayose was home in no time. Making statements of his own.
  • Enjoy this video of alleged politicians & members of the political party APC in a meeting. Zamfara, Nigeria.
  • Sigh….Get it together Nigeria. WE ARE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU! Leave Wizkid & Tiwa’s publicity stunt alone.

The Congo

Freedom of the press is extremely important.

Simply put;

the media shows you what to consume.

So if censored –in any way–  & in this case for selfish reasons. Your sense of reality would be skewed & extremely ignorant or naive. With that being said:

  • 5 journalist were arrested/kidnapped in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They were later released. But it’s reported that around 20 journalist have been subjected to these “arrests” also know as; bullying by the DRC.
  • It doesn’t help that the DRC ranks 154th out of 180 countries in the press freedom index. We just wish some politicians in Africa would invent all this energy in fixing the issues within their countries. Less issues=Less bad press= You not having to harass journalists for doing their job.  We also wish we had a million dollars…We –in fact– don’t.


FREE TUITION IN LIBERIA !!! That’s right free.99,

you read it right. & you read it here.

  • Recently elected President George Weah waived tuition fees for undergraduate students in the Liberia’s public universities. 
  • The President ran on the campaign of promising to fight poverty –lol so like most politicians– & relaunch the economy. It’s nice to see a politician actually come through. 

The U.S

A suspicious package, sent the Obamas -& the Clintons -was intercepted by the Secret service.

  • According to the Daily News, “the suspect has been nabbed”. & he was in Florida. Figures, what does Charlamagne say again?

Nicki Minaj pledges financial assistance to Trinidad and Tobago. The rapper was actually born there so it’s no surprise to us.

Good Job Nicki.

Yes to giving back. 

Music Mogul P-Diddy pledges $1 Million to open his third “charter school”  –fancy name for saying a tuition free school that gets financial help from the government but still operates independently in the Bronx

Good for him!

He says;  education is his passion.  

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