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It’s a big deal,

Why you ask?



I am not taking you down the rabbit hole that is BLOCKCHAIN

Okay who am I kidding?

jk jk

At least not in this blog post.

Although to really understand why blockchain is important & valuable to technology in Africa. You will have to comprehend the genius that is the magic code behind your computer screen which creates “the BLOCKCHAIN” . It is the platfom.

Plain and simple.

BLOCKCHAIN is the best way to keep track of something.

And also make damn sure tampering with records is –dare I say– impossible.

The new GOLD standard! A platform that allowed something that has never happened be created. With the space set and available in 2009 a digital currency; “Bitcoin” was emerged on the seen. Since then a slew of other available currencies have also been created.

Still with me?

Sometime last year, Changpeng Zhao & Yi He, founded the cryptocurrency exchange: Binance.

Side Note: An exchange is a place where you.

Say it with me

All together ?


Seriously, it doesn’t really matter what.

A Cattle Market is where cattle is sold.

The Stock Market is where stocks are sold.

Get the point?

Binance is the largest crypto-EXCHANGE: Market cap $1.3 billion.

….they started last year.

Think abou that.

Let it sink in. Start taking steps to live out your dreams. Take your own advice. 

Anyways back to here

UGANDA X BINANCE………..kind of a big deal.

Are you starting to see why???

Let’s spell it out

Uganda has a developing BLOCKCHAIN and/or CRYPTOCURRENCY community.

The people, it’s always all about the people.

There is power in numbers. Hats off to all those championing the technological revolution of this coming age in Africa. These women & men are piooneering an update from current systems. They are looking into the future, preparing themselves & their country for this new system. This could potentially be so beneficial for the country’s economy.

& Consequently? Their country’s currency’s value .

The Ugandan Shilling (UGX) can now be traded for Bitcoin (BTC) & Ethereum (ETH). This brings a new level of liquidity to Uganda’s economy.

This means there are now multiple forms & tvarious avenues money can come through into Uganda. I could log into my Binance account right now, & literally send currency to anyone in Uganda wielding a Binance account.


Increase in BLOCKCHAIN adoption

The more Users the better!

New Financial Systems = New Business Opportunities up & down the continent.

This will make it easier for foreign investment to work within the country. This is blockchain so it won’t stop there. Foreign investments can now come in & be tracked more efficiently. & BETTER than ever.

CAUTION: This is also a great way to destabilize a country’s economy, but currently: 1:USD = 3,762:UGX Something tells me someone else has that covered

What a time to be alive!

Digital Currencies to new virtual financial markets.

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