9 Funny Tweets About Santorini, Greece

Summer has been over. But for a short period of time –it seemed liked– black people were going to Santorini.

Santo kini?


  1. This guy that just wants to rhyme & admire the sight:IMG_4093

  2. Simi feeling like the rest of us & a fan reminding her who she is:IMG_4146

  3. Everyone knows it’s not a party until the real squad arrives:IMG_4166

  4. When it’s not Santorini but still a sight for sore eyes:IMG_4099

  5. We’ve all heard Drake’s verse on “That’s how you feel”IMG_4155

  6. When you forget you’re the only one behind & still broke apparently:IMG_4154

  7. Some may say this isn’t a real & plausible solution. We beg to differ:IMG_4148 (1)

  8. How most of us are heading off to Santorini:IMG_4098

  9. Or like this:IMG_4097

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