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IMG_4531Your Weekly Black Newsletter.


Rest in Peace to the 41 people who lost their lives in eastern Bududa.

  • Heavy rains caused a landslide, sending a slew of mud & rocks to people’s homes. Claiming innocent lives. Prayers out to their familes –we wish we could do more 

American Artist Kanye West asks President-Dictator Yoweri Museveni for his blessings in building Wakanda & Jurassic Park. Kanye and Kim Kardashian went on a trip to Uganda in an attempt to complete Kanye’s budding album Yandy. They also met the President, and  spoke with him about building some interesting infrastructures. After the humourous ordeal Kanye gifted the Dictator- President a signed pair of his heavily coveted Yeezy sneakers. 

Nice. If it wasn’t so culturally clueless

The Congo

 A 63-year old gynecologist nicknamed “Doctor Miracle” just won a Noble Peace Prize.

Is the UN in Africa to steal resources ?

  • A UN truck was found with a boatload of illegal minerals 


Zambia tin ko awon omo ilu ni ede Chinese Mandarin- Yoruba

China is Re-colonizing Africa through debt trapping

  • Zambia loses almost everything to China due to multiple default payments on the loan they received from the world power. Welp! These include their National company & their international airport.
  • The Government officials deny this happening but we would NOT take their word for it! Zambians sure don’t.


Bukola Sakari only gets 317 votes in the PDP 2019 presidential primaries.

President Aspirant & Senate President featured in the 2016 Panama papers scandal, always shows interest in running for president during almost every election period.


That was a close one. 

But it’s not like Atiku Abubakar, his running mate –who did win the PDP primaries– is the best guy for the job. Most Nigerian politicians have been in the game since Nigeria existed. Becoming “god fathers” in the background while still having the utmost power & influence as it pertains to who gets to rule the country. 

We need fresh faces.

Nigeria also wants in on the China nooseChina loans Nigeria $328million to boost telecommunication. 

  • The Government officials reassure Nigerians not to fret as there is a “well placed plan” to pay this all off. Much like the Zambian government. We won’t take their word for it. Nigerians don’t. 
  • Just…


There is a “Tribal War” ensuing in Southwest Cameroon between ENGLISH and FRENCH speakers ???

Okay now is this opposite day?

Can it even be considered a tribal war if the languages are foreign?

And is this the matrix?

Tribal wars in AFRICA.        

Over european languages.

 giphy (5).gif

Get it together people. 



Give Africa’s Youngest –not too young because he’s 43– billionaire back !

Tanzanians are generally super chill & calm individuals so this has the whole country shook; 

shaken up.


The family is offering a reward of 1 billion Tanzanian shillings  ~$440,000 for anyone that has any information on his whereabouts.


The newly elected President of Zimbabwe Emmerson Mnangawa promises to reverse The Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act implemented by the previous administration.

  • The Access to Information and Protection of Privacy act was put in place by former President-Dictator Mugabe as an attempt to gag the media and the country’s access to free information.
  • Zimbabwe is now “open” for business. However, Zimbabweans think seeing will be believing.


in the U.S

In St. Louis D’ Arreion Toles returns home from a late night of work and gets ambushed by a racist tenant. 

Can you guess the Hue?

Key Fob Kelly

In Brooklyn; A woman calls the police claiming to be sexually assaulted by a 9 year boy; Jeremiah Harvey.

Video evidence proves otherwise. 

  • This story is extremely eery and sinister because of its similarities to the story of Emment Till; who unfortunately ended up brutally losing his life. Murdered, at the tender age of 14.

People asked young Jermiah if he forgives this woman.

He does not, he feels humiliated.

caroline-2-abc-er-181016_hpEmbed_16x9_992.jpg We can’t say we blame him.

We don’t either. 

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