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Ever strapped for cash

for reasons best known to you, we don’t judge
& you need a quick small loan, you promise to return in a timely manner,

but you don’t have the credit score?
Are you in an unbanked or underbanked area?


We all know banks are a dying breed;
Hello Blockchain!
Hey bighead

Or are you just
For lack of better words

Teck Talk 2

& you love loaning money off of family & friends with no actual honest intent of returning it back, for no real good apparent reason?

Here’s the thing,
Travis Holoway created just the app just for you & it caters to every single one of these needs, as diverse at they may all seem.

Teck Talk 3
Originally from Cleveland, Ohio; Travis grew up like most kids –that were privileged to do so– living a regular life, & when the time came eventually venturing off to college.
After graduation he found himself working as a Financial Advisor in the New York area & this was perfect combination to ignite the flame of Mr. Holoway’s passion.
Travis discovered how hard & stress inducing it was for some of his friends to get loans. The payday loans –aka petty loans– they could get were riddled with crooked interest rates that were approximately 400% .
That’s when he knew. He had to be the difference

while possibly making money off of it of course

& as we all know,

those are the best life ventures.
Money x Passion = Success
This is how Travis Holoway become the FOUNDER & CEO Chief Executive Officer in charge of SoLo Funds.

SoLoFunds is a mobile lending & exchanging app for small loans under $1000. Basically a Borrowers Paradise & a People Pleasers Peace of mind.

Teck Talk 4There’s already Venmo.
What’s the point?
But Vemno doesn’t offer up the borrowers reliability when it comes to paying back the cash.

SoLoFunds does.

Teck Talk 5Features on the app like the the SoLo score;

a play on the dreaded FICO score.

Shows you how timely the lendee is at returning said loan.

Much like your FICO score the SoLo Score is a number allotted based on your reliability & consistency in paying back loans. Now your friends truly know how risky it is borrowing you money.

Be the change you want to see.

Travis Holoway created an app to fill in a need & provide a service while doing something he is passionate about.

& for that we thank him.

Travis Holloway; a man of the people.

Making it easier for broke Millennials –aka people living pay check to pay check– to live one SoLo score at time in an UNFAIR & OVEREXPLOITED Baby Bloomer world.

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