You see, Igbo women were traditionally tax exempt; however that arrangement quickly flew out the window when the Colonizers arrived. 

In December 1929 the women had had enough. Paying taxes to a corrupt British government that kept appointing leaders –warrant chiefs– with loyalties tied to their own personal agenda to further colonization, was too much for them to bear. Igbo women were having none of it & so they doth protested. They knew the power of shame and used it as a tool to their advantage.

By “Sitting on the man”; A form of protest that involved shaming a man for his wrong doing through following him around –in groups– berating him for his behavior by singing & dancing.Thrown off by this unusual but peaceful yet effective way of protest, the Colonial masters resulted in violence. Killing 50 women & leaving many more wounded but that didn’t their stifle voices. To avoid any future hoopla the British had to change-up & switch up some of their policies.
Igbo people don’t play about their rights.
Know a bad bitch when you see one.
Don’t believe us? Google “The Igbo Landing”      
#ThrowBLACKThursdays     www.whotoldyou.blog

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