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The highest paid Robotic engineer in the world. 


He is a 26 year-old Nigerian entrepreneur.

& Did we mention he’s black

 & single?



So we aren’t quite sure about the last line.

But calm your horses.

Because today?

We are talking technology. 

Adekunle Silas moved from Nigeria to the UK at the tender age of 11 –cue in the expected culture shock & challenges most immigrant families face – & fast forward to Silas’s journey into adulthood..University; college or whatever this scam is called where ever you’re from.

Strapped for cash –like most college students– Silas began a side hustle. He began teaching kids in the local schools in his area while simultaneously taking his first module in robotics. This exciting journey brought about the birth of the Reaching Robotics program. 

You see

Silas saw there was a disconnect with the kids he taught when it came to their  involvement in class activities. They simply weren’t stimulated. It just wasn’t engaging enough. But Silas knew something that was. His passion.


Silas began taking the robotics kits he was using in his First Year class to help teach & engage his high school students. Adekunle Silas proceeded to graduate with a First class degree from College (~4.0 G.P.A). In 2013 Reach Robotics was founded. 

But here’s why Silas appeared under Forbes 2018 30 under 30.

In 2017 he created the first real life video game character; a four legged spider-like A.I robot called the MekaMon. The tech world went crazy. Apple immediately ordered a couple, retailing to the masses for $300 a pop! Generating Silas a network of $7.5 Million off of sales made to Apple alone! 

Silas’s robots are fascinating because of their impeccable ability to show emotion through subtle carefully calibrated movements. The MekaMon could also be used as a tool to teach code. 

Adekunle Silas now lives in Bristol, UK & Reach Robotics is said to be one of the best robotics research centers in the country; receiving a donation to the tone of $10million by London venture partners.

Research robotics aims to continue inspiring, entertaining and education people -both old and young- using robotics technology.

Success is the fire and how
big you can make it burn

Adekunle Silas
Watch The MekaMon in action down below.

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