My feelings are a lot for me to bare

It’s personal

but at this point someone needs to listen – Hear care to share the despair.

It’s personal because it’s uncomfortable

It’s personal because it’s sad

It’s personal because

I’m the “strong one”

What do I do with these malicious foreign feelings?

How do I navigate feelings that leave the worst taste?

It’s personal because it’s not perfect, it’s not wrapped in a pretty package. It’s not presentable or acceptable.

It’s raw, crippling and tiring. The rough waves hit me, Leaving me with no other choice than waiting -Wait it out, it’s part of the process-  daydreaming, waiting for the heavy hurtful tides to pass.

Peace be still

I know I don’t quit. I am the strong one and something other than myself makes me tick

– Accepting the waves 

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