24 Hilarious Tweets That Give Us More Reasons To Love Black People

1.When your mum tries to guilt trip to stay at home: 


2. When you all secure firsthand front row seats to tomorrow gossip: 


3. When you try all the new social media challenges on a black child with repressed feelings:IMG_3835

4. When the life flashes before your eyes because you may or may not get slapped for not paying attention:

5. When you attempt a rountine prostrate checkup with an African man: 2018-08-03 20.40.53

6. When your girl buys you one thing in a relationship:  IMG_3839

7. When you’re probably actually related to Eazy-E & he was Somali: IMG_3925

8. When your kid is too much of a visionary: IMG_3846.png

9. When you and the G.O.A.T need to be somewhere: IMG_3857

10. When your parent is “stressed” from work:IMG_3861

11. When we pastry shame an unreasonable person:  IMG_3937

12. When you need an enthusiastic assistant for an important experiment: IMG_3935.png

13. When your hairline calls you into adulting: IMG_3916

14. When you literally get in trouble because of your old man:IMG_3922

15. When we clown everything & anyone:IMG_3934

16. When your  tutor comes for lessons in his fits: IMG_3941 

17. When. Just …… IMG_3977

18. When it’s time to back up all the big shit you were talking:IMG_3936.png

19. When you get played in elementary school: IMG_3794 

20. When we send hidden messages:IMG_4174

21. When we have to convince you it tastes nicer than  it smells, but who cares? more for us:IMG_4168

22. When we see another black person wining:IMG_4162

23. When our extra lit family member isn’t afraid to be themselves:IMG_4169

24. When the hypocrisy jumps out:IMG_4167


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