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Zimbabwe | Nigeria | Rwanda

Location: Southern Africa.

Capital: Harare

Neighboring Countries:
Zambia Botswana

Population: 16,913,261
Ethnic Group: 99.4% Black
African (Northern Ndebele,
Shona, Zulu, Tsonga, San,
Lemba, Ndau, Venda,
Kalanga, Vadoma, Kunda,
Nambya, Gokomere,
Manyika) 0.2% White African
(British diaspora in Africa),
0.4% “Others” (Goffal,
Chinese, Indian)

Demonym: Zimbabwean
GDP Annual Growth Rate:
Currency: Zimbabwean
Dollar (Discontinued in
Exchange Rate ($1):
50 Billion Zimbabwean


• Right After Independence:
0.67 Zimbabwean Dollar

Adult Literacy Rate: 88.69%
Unemployment Rate: 95%, 6
or 11% (Inconclusive)
Internet Users: 15.7%
Poverty Rate: 70%
Aside from English (due to colonization), Shona & Ndebele are the most widely spoken languages. Others include; Tswana, Xhosa,Venda, Chew, Tsonga, Tonga, Southern Sotho & sign language.
Christianity 87% (76%
Protestant), Islam 0.9%,
Traditional 3.8%
coal, platinum, gold, copper,
nickel, chromite, timber and

There really is no real “Third World” –correct term is developing country– the world
truly is just one big secondary school. The popular countries choose who is “cool” and what’s
acceptable. Until Africans –every single black person on


the planet– unite. And realize, no one
will save you other than your own; we will continue to look to the
west for the standard.

The Republic of Zimbabwe

“Oh lift high the banner, the flag of Zimbabwe The symbol of freedom proclaiming victory;”

(translated from Shona; excerpt from Zimbabwean National Anthem)

Robert Gabriel Mugabe, the recently overthrown President-Dictator of the Republic of Zimbabwe would say the country
which he governed was always a Democratic state. However, his 37 year run portrayed otherwise. A
dictator is a political leader who possesses absolute power for a duration of time and Mugabe did
just that. He ruled and retained power, while “taking care” of the competition as we all passively
watched. At the peak of Robert Mugabe’s shenanigans, the Zimbabwean economy was in shambles this lead to HYPERINFLATION: The rapid general increases in prices coupled with rapid decline in the purchasing value of the country’s money.

Consequently causing the devaluation and discontinuation of the country’s official currency, the
Zimbabwean dollar. Misappropriation of government funds, with a lack of foreign investors
and the falsification of inflation rates by government officals also placed a huge strain on the already volatile Zimbabwean dollar.
Hyperinflation eventually won the race. The Zimbabwean Dollar lost so much value that it became
virtually worthless and
ceased to exist as a form of legal tender on April 12 2009 .

What a shame!

Zimbabweans lost some pride associated with being part of a country; a sole unit, because their government failed
them. Politics 3African leaders across the continent make a deliberate effort to do nothing for patriotism.
Viewing the actions of Mugabe and the caucus of selfish self appointed
politicians –like former first lady; Grace Mugabe who is currently on trial facing multiple charges
stemming from abuse of power– it is jarringly obvious this was Zimbabwe’s inevitable economical

But, Who really cares right?

What does the future hold ?
In recent day, Zimbabwe had her first “seemly” free and fair
elections with the opposition winning by a very narrow gap. On
July 30th 2018 President Emmerson Mnangagwa, the man who ousted
Mugabe from office, was elected. Morale was high, Zimbo’s were
celebrating. And the atmosphere in the air was hopeful. This
positive guileless outlook barely lasted a couple days. As many feared; Mugabe’s camp wasn’t willing to bow out gracefully.


Zimbabwe’s economy currently is still at a negative; a report shows that Zimbabwe would need a hundred years to grow back it’s worth. Access to constant electricity still plagues Zimbabwe; Hwange –the country’s only functionally power plant is owing a billion dollars to China from a loan received in 2015 to rectify this very issue.

So, how optimistic are Zimbo’s you may ask?

Well, the now sitting President was Robert Mugabe’s right hand man and the US hasn’t removed any of their numerous economy crippling sanctions on them.

So for now, only time would tell.


The Federal Republic of Nigeria

Popularly referred to as the “Giant of Africa” albeit mostly in reference to it’s enormous population size, there are a lot of things to celebrate about the Nigerian people in spite of the effects of the corrupt and callous government.

Majority of the current government officials in Nigeria have been office since the 80s. Nigeria had her independence in 1960. Really put that in context. They change party affiliations, job descriptions and titles as they see fit; reasons that are usually motivated by their selfish self interest. Tongue twister!

Seeing all the self appointed benefits it’s no wonder these greedy officials became so covetous. With perks such as the Politics6Security Vote which are budgeted funds distributed to state, federal and local government officials, to spend/allocate at their discretion. These include taking their children and their friends on lavish all expense paid trips to locking or mummifying billions of American dollars in Swiss or offshore accounts. Oluwatoyin Sakari; wife of Senator and president aspirant Bukola Sakari was caught in the 2016 Panama Paper Scandal.A huge money laundering scheme that shook World Headlines and was bad news for any other politcal leader found associated in it in other countries but the same rules don’t apply to Nigeria. Not suprising for a society where the older generation in control actively celebrates corruption with everyone waiting for their turn to eat in the “National Cake”.

Technically, the Security Vote fund is for “security related reasons” but considering the increasing constant civil unrest even a fool can see that funds are being redistributed to other self favoring places.

Nigeria made world news headlines when Boko Haram; a terrorist group allegedly associated with ISIS kidnapped 276 young Chibok girls from their school in the Northern part of the country. Multiple kidnappings still occur with some of the children forced into suicide bombers themselves; used to spread Boko Haram’s evil agenda that never seems to have a set motive. Oil leakages, gas flares and explosions cause land and water pollution depleting the land of it’s fertility while robbing farmers and fishers of their livelihood.
Fulani (a historically nomadic ethnic group) herdsmen continue to massacre farmers on their farm land without sitting President Muhammad Buhari (of Hausa ethnicity) having a stern stance condemning their actions. This is fueling resentment and adding more strain to already fragile inter-tribal relationships.

Nigeria is at the top of the poverty index bumping India while

simultaneously having a rapidly rate of population growth with no credible internal efforts by the government to address population control.
The Giant of Africa is woefully failing at providing majority of their citizens with access to standard basic education, having an Adult Literacy rate of only 51%. That’s a lot of citizens without the basic knowledge to read and write. A huge L considering Nigeria’s braggadocios persona.
As Africa’s Largest oil producing country, Nigeria has had access to billions of dollars making the education problem confusing and plausibly sinister. One could draw the heartbreaking conclusion that the government purposely keeps their citizen in the dark because “you have to learn your rights to fight for them”.
Popular Nigerian musician and activist Femi Kuti voiced concerns parallel to this to the French President Emmanuel Macron during his visit to Nigeria.The road leading to popular Nigerian High life/Juju live music spot the Afrika Shrine –one of Macron’s destination– was repaired over night by orders of the state government officials. If roads can be built overnight, why do thousands of Nigerians lose their lives commuting interstate on many of the country’s dilapidated roads; here is a documented video of now Senate President -but also 2019 Presidential Aspirant- Bukola Sakari boasting about hindering construction of the infamous Lagos-Ibadan expressway that claims multiple Nigerian lives annually.
Here’s the other catch;
Nigeria also barely invests in emergency rescue services.
The government
simply put,
could care less.

The 4-year dance

Government officials only feign concern once every 4 years, right around…

That’s right

You guessed it!

Election season.

They go to impoverished villages/towns with minimal access to electricity, healthcare and education, bearing gifts like bags of rice or shoe cleaning supplies to solicit votes.They essentially cajole votes from the very citizens they constantly compromise and are praised while doing so. Corruption in Nigeria is sickening and the politicians aren’t shy about their stolen spoils. Their love for the extravagant lifestyle –which only the 1% of the Nigerian population can affordis plastered all over social media for the very poor masses viewing pleasure. Wealthy porn.  Nigerian politicians just don’t give a flying fuck.

But why are the masses so docile?

Location: West Africa,

Capital: Abuja

Neighboring Countries:
Benin Niger Cameroon

Population: 190,886,311
Ethnic Group: 99.9% Black
African (Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo,
Fula, Hausa-Fulani, Ijaw, Tiv,
Ibibio, Kanuri, Edo, Nupe,
Efik, Urhobo, Igala, Itsekiri,
Jukun, Idoma, Berom, Gbayi,
Ogoni, Anaang, Esan, Ekoi,
Ebira, Chamba, Mumuye,
Tarok, Afusari, Kilba, Ogu,
Kuteb, Atyap, Longuda,
Buduma, Owan, Kamuku,
Bariba, Ikwerre, Fon, Zarma,
Mafa, Egba, Igede, Saro,
Kotoko, Estako, Dendi,
Ekpeye, Kirdi, Kofyar,
Nigerian Americans)

Demonym: Nigerian
GDP Annual Growth Rate:
Currency: Naira (₦) (NGN)
Exchange Rate ($1):

Right After Independence:

Adult Literacy Rate: 51%
Unemployment Rate: 18%
Internet Users: 28%
Poverty Rate: 44-50%

Nigeria’s national language is
English a direct effect from
colonization, Igbo,Yoruba &
Hausa are the most widely spoken
languages. Others include
Fulfulde, Kanuri, Ibibio, Tiv, Ijaw,
Edo & Pidgin English.
Christianity 51.9% (30% Protestant),
Islam 47%, Traditional 0.8%
Crude Petroleum, Petroleum Gas,
Cocoa Beans, Gold & Refined, Tin
Petroleum Petroleum, Rubber &

Location: Central East Africa.
Capital: Kigali
Neighboring Countries:
Uganda Tanzania Burundi

Population: 12,535,646
Ethnic Group: Black Africa
100% (Hutus, Tutsis, Twa)
(Rwandese people prefer no
labels due to their history)

Demonym: Rwandan
GDP Annual Growth Rate:
Currency: Rwanda Franc R₣
Exchange Rate ($1):

• Right After Independence:
262.20 RWF

Adult Literacy Rate: 68%
Unemployment Rate: 16%
Internet Users: 12.4%
Poverty Rate: 39.1%


Kinyarwanda a dialect of the
Rwanda – Rundi language is
the national Rwandese
language. French & English
are also very widely spoken
due to colonization.
Christianity 94% (56.9%
Roman Catholic), Islam 4.6%,
Others 1.4%
Cassiterite, Wolframite,
Methane, Coltan, Coffer, Tea,
Tungsten ore, Tin ore.

The Republic of Rwanda


The story of Rwanda is a remarkable one to say the least; now considered one of the fastest growing economies in Africa, it seems far fetched to think that just 23 years ago this beautifully resilient landlocked country lost nearly half of its population in a brutal genocide. On April 6th, 1994 after years of ethnic tension, the senseless massacre of innocent Tusti (ethnic group) commenced.

Sitting President Paul Kagame fought alongside the Rwandese Patriot Front –with a little help from Yoweri Museveni, Pre-Dictator– to get control of the country putting a stop to the genocide and restoring peace however, he didn’t end there.

In order for Rwanda to truly move forward Kagame knew Rwandese people had to adopt a culture of love and accountability to build a better Rwanda fueled without hate.Politics9

In present day, Rwanda is at the forefront of Women’s political equality –if you a align with Kagame– and Rwanda is considered the No 1 country in the world for women in politics. Rwanda also has the most women in office in the world and one of Africa’s lowest corruption rates.

Rwanda is extremely environmentally friendly and carries out legislation to protect it. An example is; the use of non-biodegradable plastic bags being an offense punishable by law with up to 6 months of jail time. Plastic traffickers beware! Policies like that contribute to the reasons why Rwanda is considered one of the cleanest African Countries. Western metropolises could take a few pointers.

In 2016, Kigali (the capital of Rwanda) increased tariffs on imported secondhand/used clothing in an attempt to grow Rwanda’s domestic textile industry.


for them,

but not the US. This ban resulted in a trade war; the United States suspended Rwanda’s eligibility for foreign aid. A huge reaction from the world power considering they were favorably mute during the devastating genocide.rwandan-genocide_o_6659531

It’s not a mindset

Rwanda took an amazing turn in front of our very own eyes. Paul Kagame is currently unconventional serving his third term as Rwanda’s president. Rwanda’s presidential term length was officially seven (7) years and a president previously was only able to serve two terms. However, due to a referendum abolishing term limits –back by the alleged popular votes from the masses– Kagame was chosen as the best candidate for the job again.

On the flipped side; musings of Kagame’s government’s abuse of power have finally bubbled to the surface, headlining world news. Candidates that run against Kagame in elections are said to be unlawfully targeted and imprisoned. Diana Rwigara is one of them. Multiple protest have begun to ensue with the public speaking out and against abuse of power or dictatorship. Popular Ugandan activist and government official Bobi Wine is a known face working hard to attain a fair and free East Africa.  We will be watching the story of Rwanda continue unfold.

-The Town Crier

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