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TV Show: Pose

Live! Breathe! Pose!
This revolutionary show is not only
captivating, but it’s educational. Pose invites
you into a whole new passionate & thrilling
resilient world. Be a fly on to the wall to
witness these delicate necessary stories being told without exploitation -a talent in
itself- Every single scene is deliciously
Pose educates us on the Ball Culture & we
get a glimpse through a lens different from
conventional heteronormative. & empathy
is invoked.
With a 97% rating on Rotten Tomatoes &
the highest number of Trans actors for a
TV show, Pose is not only socially
groundbreaking; frankly it’s the viewers
choice. Janet Mock a Trans activist &
producer works alongside Ryan Murphy to
really give this show life!

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Americans S4 Transit Shelter.indd

A far cry from youaverage LGBTQ identity crises/HIV sob story. The characters -in this show- are on the road to their best lives. Their storylines are realistic & conscious. The characters face trials & tribulations that are specific to their community but it’s not the end of their story. Pose highlights the struggles of acceptance even within the LGBTQ community. In one heartbreaking scene, Blanca Rodriguez -a main character discovers the hard way that Trans Women are seen as less amongst members of their own community. 

We love Pose because: representation matters.

If you see it, you can easily dream it.

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