Preview some badass groundbreaking artists.




Sure, you’re main stream but we want you in the know.

Meet Teniola

Apata (Teni)

Teni’s forte is Hi-life juju beats known popularly a Afro-beats. Hailing from Ondo, Nigeria; her Yoruba roots are a
huge influence on her music.24-year old Teni, is famous in her own right; frequently sharing snippets
of her freestyles with fans on twitter -& based on fan interaction- it could become a full fledged song.
A note able banger Fake jersey; was inspired by a twitter freestyle about the all unattainable but highly coveted World
Cup Nigerian jersey. Her latest hit “askamaya would have you instinctively bopping or sha-kuing to the beat.
Teni is original and fresh, old heads would call her a weird mc.


Meet Teirra


this 23-year old north Philly native would rock your ears with raw talent. Endorsed by Meek mill, Tierra’s
visual album titled “whack world” takes you on a 15 minute tour of mind-blowing versatility and creativity.

Teirra has something for everyone; her flow on bugs life hints on heavy influence by Kendrick -formerly know as K-dot- juxtaposed with Tylerthecreator-esque visuals.
If you crave old Drake 4 wings is a 59 second interlude that would satiate your appetite but her song pet cemetery
might has well be a Katy Perry bop.
Only have the time for one song? Her cool delivery & swank on the song hungry hippo would have you
feeling like the one when you walk through. Your only complaint? More music!



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