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But did you?

giphy-34Be real, you have definitely fallen into the procrastination loophole; A high level of SELF-AWARENESS let’s you know the deal. You know when the bags are packed and you’re already on board, only to return in the wake of a past due project or time sensitive task, then it’s an anxiety induced…


The most affordable holiday getaway location (free.99).
Population consists of people who are doing everything but being


being knowledgeably conscious of ones own character, feelings & desires.



F U C K!

Ever heard of preventative medicine? It’s one of the fastest growing sectors in healthcare.
Basically we discovered through tweaking certain attitudes towards diet and exercise we could avoid or avert a lot of diseases: aka cancer
(go figure!).
the same way.
Tweak the attitude.
Be about the action
before you remember to procrastinate.
Don’t leave room for procrastination.


Are you about it? If yes, then be about

Once a goal is set; Immediately set a standard that takes actionable physical movement towards achieving it. Write down the goal you want to achieve on a piece of paper. A study carried out by Harvard Research Students proves the old saying that goes;
 “If you fail to Plan, You plan to fail.” 
Set a goal and Just Do It like Nike.
Have an essay to write?
Literally grab your laptop and start typing. Getting started is always the hardest part.
Have a weight loss goal?
Change into your gym clothes before you change your mind.Get On The Saddle. #Captain Obvious.
So the valuable time is already lost; Maybe you’re teetering on the verge of a dangerously close impeding deadline or you’ve missed it all together. That’s Okay .
“What can I do now?”
Should be the only thought that comes to mind.
First, get yourself together, get some coffee and chug. That. Work. You can pull that all-nighter.

Don’t forget that submitted past due could be rectified by turning in the finished products with an explanation as to why it’s late because honestly, a closed mouth wouldn’t get fed so what’s harm in trying?But, you will potentially gain.

Serial Procrastinators tend to beat themselves up because of this habit; judging yourself extremely harshly tends to lead into a downward spiral of negative emotions and events including depression, anxiety or feelings of worthlessness.

If you do this ?….



If these quick fixes don’t work take the L
like a champ, just remember to grow.

Personal growth entails accepting the consequences for our actions without taking the repercussions too personally that it becomes to our detriment.

Regardless of your coping mechanisms the reality of the situation is still here, however what we do know is; proactive actions and positive reactions are the most productive because we never self harm.


Self deprecation is not the answer; if positive results are to be achieved this has to be avoided at all cost. Imagine crying over spilled milk ? Silly, right? (okay, not if you really wanted cereal but we digress).

Beating yourself up for procrastinating is the equivalent.

If all else fails, finesse your way! We all do it. It takes 30-60 days to build a habit and procrastination is a hard habit. Procrastination is a hard habit to shake so during this journey to a better you please learn to forgive yourself.
A resilient successful person does fail but always gets back up to try again. By appreciating even the uncomfortable moments in life brings you closer to true untethered joy and happiness.
President of the Procrastinator’s Club.

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